Bristol Palin Selling Car on Craigslist

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Feel like cruising around in the same vehicle where Levi Johnston put it to Bristol Palin?

Too bad. Those relations happened in a tent, and this car she's selling is a 2010 model.

Just the same, you can buy her Dodge Challenger on Craigslist if you're so inclined!

Bristol Palin, Car

After deciding to sell her ride, Bristol Palin posted a pic of it (and herself, and son) online.

"Faithful readers know I love Craigslist!! So, when it came time to sell my car, that's exactly where I went! Here's the information about my car," she wrote.

The 2010 Dodge Challenger R/T HEMI has 14,510 miles, no scratches, custom tinted windows and black and white leather seats. It lived in a garage with A/C.

Bristol is asking $27,500. Celebrity markup? Probably 10-20 percent.


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I see kiddie porn in his future.


Maybe instead of trying to sell your kid on craigslist it is time for the reality reject to get a real job. Time to stop whining about Levi not paying child support. Bristol and Sarah have bad mouthed him so much on all the talk shows that nobody would want to hire that loser. But fact is that Bristol is an even bigger loser--all her lies about working full time as the office manager for an Anchorage dermatologist--kind of hard to do when she is calling all the magazines full time and begging them to give her attention. Only person who seems to love the Palins are their own relatives and they just want to continue to have important jobs like body guard and bloggers and letter openers and running off to the bank with contributions. Not sure how Bristol met Joe Junky but now Bristol wants to be called Bristol the Sex Pistol, her stage name.


Bristol, in Arizona we have places that will give you money for your car and you don't have to bring the possible buyers to your house and you don't have to show everybody a picture with your parents' house in the background and your little boy looking cute for all the pedophiles. This is how we do it in the real world. You said that you were now so mature--obviously you think about how to get the most money for your car rather than what is the safest way to sell your car. Your posting is dumb-kind of like when you invited the cameras and TV shows into your new house in Phoenix and showed room by room what was there-and the layout of the house and its address. Duh...............


I am sure Bristol will have someone else meet the prospective buyers at another location. I cannot believe Todd and Sarah allowed her to post this photo with the picture of their AZ house in the background.


Levi will guarantee that you will get a smooth ride. Costs a little more if you want a Bristol the Pistol sex toy.


For heaven's sake. Bristol the Sex Pistol just cannot get herself enough attention. So now she is posting pictures of herself and her little boy in the Craigslistings. Even gives her e-mail address and phone number and address to set up an appointment for viewing. Is she also giving out trial rides?


Was it ever stopped by an Alaskan State Trooper? That show is hilarious!


what is this chillbillie thinking? Dumb cluck--you don't post pictures of your child on craigslistings and then make a "joke" about how cute he is but he isn't for sale..... it isn't like Bristol can't find any other way to sell her car or that she is broke--she just made a quarter of a million dollars on a dancing show and now she is advertising come to my house with the air conditioned garages and I will show you my car....


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