Brandi Glanville Labeled Skank By Drunk Taylor Armstrong

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A tipsy Taylor Armstrong apparently claimed that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Brandi Glanville has slept with every man in Beverly Hills.

That's about 16,000 adult males, for those keeping score.

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Taylor Armstrong Mouth

The cast members - sans Brandi Glanville - recently got together and the drinks were flowing hardcore. Soon enough, Taylor went OFF on her nemesis Brandi.

Turning to jazz musician Chris Botti, who joined them at a restaurant, a drunk Taylor slurred:

"We've got a good table... thank God my arch nemesis [Brandi Glanville] isn't here...or she'd be going down. She has slept with every man in Beverly Hills."

"She travels to find someone to sleep with... some sort of flight plan!"

As the rest of the room looks on uncomfortably, Taylor continues: "She has slept with every man in Beverly Hills. There's close to 16,000 men in Beverly Hills."

"And she's only been divorced a couple of years."

Brandi, of course, was married to Eddie Cibrian until he cheated on her with LeAnn Rimes, who he went on to marry instead. She's been quite outspoken about this.

Expect her to react similarly in this case once she gets wind of it.



Let Brandi live!! Taylor get it together and get a life! Geesh!!


well, at least HERPES is hers now?


God, Free Britney (perhaps that stupidest name to give yourself ever), if your going to write a third rate 'review' (or whatever this is) of an episode of RHONB than at least get the location correct! I mean, there aren't many 'facts' to 'report' about this episode, but you could at least have paid attention to the 10 minutes one of the women talked about how she designed the HOUSE she now lives in and the dinner party was AT. NOT at a restaurant. I'm guessing this author didnt actually WATCH the episode, just stole the high points from another website. Almost as pathetic as the show itself.


Real? Cheesy soap opera for really stupid people.

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