Ashley Judd, Senator? Actress Eyes Run For Office

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Although she hasn't officially decided on it, actress and avid Democrat Ashley Judd isn't ruling out a run for U.S. Senate in her native Kentucky.

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Judd lives in Tennessee and would have to re-establish residence in neighboring Kentucky before challenging Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell.

The 44-year-old says she's honored to be mentioned as a potential candidate, but sidestepped the question of whether she would actually run in 2014.

"I cherish Kentucky, heart and soul," she said.

"While I'm very honored by the consideration, we have just finished an election, so let's focus on coming together to keep moving America's families, and especially our kids, forward."

No Democrats have stepped forward to challenge Republican McConnell, a political powerhouse who already has $6.8 million in the bank for his re-election.

In 2008, he won re-election to a fifth term and became Kentucky's longest serving senator.

McConnell spent some $20 million on his last campaign, beating Democrat Bruce Lunsford, a wealthy Kentucky businessman, by 6 percentage points.

His campaign manager Jesse Benton, withheld any criticism of Judd - at least for now.

"Sen. McConnell and his wife are big fans of Ashley Judd's movies and appreciate her energy, especially when it comes to bringing young people into the political process," he said. 

What do you think? Would Ashley Judd, a vocal proponent of President Obama's 2012 reelection win, make a good candidate for U.S. Senate?



This woman is a nutcase and has no business running for anything. So many more qualified people who could run.


At this point anyone would be better then Mitch McConnell, as long as they are Democrat. Mitch is on his last leg and is in for the shock of his life. He has not done a thing for the state of KY. He knows the game is up, it's over for McConnell.


I hope she goes for it, maybe putting an end to the current lifers in place, we could get Kentucky on a better track for education, women and children issues. We need a change, we need politicians that are of the mind set of current times.


this is a perfest way to acy like an actress in one way or another.

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