Tom Hanks Slam Poem: Actor Rips Full House Cast on Late Night

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Tom Hanks is a funny dude.

It's easy to forget this, given his acclaimed performances in many Oscar-winning films, but this is a guy who can drop f-bombs on GMA or pose for drunk Reddit pics with the best of 'em.

His latest unexpected comedic masterpiece? A spot-on slam poem about Full House, performed on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Yes, we're serious, and it's hilarious:

Dressed in a simple black turtleneck, Hanks delivered a poem that re-imagines "Beach Boy Bingo," the classic episode in which DJ scores tix to see Uncle Jesse's favorite band.

Who knew it could be interpreted as a post-modern feminist parable of sorts ... deep.

Hanx was on the show to promote high-minded Oscar bait Cloud Atlas, naturally.

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LoL omg. I think this should be only the beginning for a side career, Mr. Hanks! I recommend throwing "Bussom Buddies" in there. Not only because he starred in it, but because it'd be poetic comedic gold. Although, admittedly, less material may exist as it stands now. We all remember the basic concept, YES! But... Will there be enough in 2012 to fill 2-3 minutes... Ahh... WAIT. O M G! "Family Ties!!" FAMILY. Freakin TIES. Uncle Ted! Oh my God, yeesss!