Tom Hanks Photos: Dude Pretends to Be Drunk With Actor at Diner, Posts on Reddit

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On the list of unexpected celebrity news stories, Tom Hanks meeting a fan in a Fargo, N.D., diner, clowning around with him and posing for a series of pictures in which the guy pretended to be passed out drunk may be unparalleled.

It's also pretty much the most awesome.

Tom Hanks Diner Photo

Yes, this appears to have happened to a real-life dude, who happens to use Reddit and obviously posted the Tom Hanks photos you see here on Reddit.

A million people have viewed the images, with approximately 999,999 of them saying how cool it is that the Academy Award winner would do this.

He Tweeted last week: "Back from Vacation. Missed the Olympics but know of US Women's soccer Gold!! In Fargo ND? The TNT Diner makes killer breakfast. Hanx"

So killer, some guy may steal your glasses and pass out next to you ...

  • Tom Hanks Drunk Fan Photo
  • Tom Hanks Reddit Photo
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That pic isn't of Tom at the TNT diner in Fargo ND that's for sure.


hey u come over my mom's house k


hey i like you miley cyrus and jdb and sg


Hanks is well known for being very friendly. I saw him on holiday in Greece once and he was messing around and joking with all kinds of people. He even gave away his personal e-mail address. Good guy who realises he is just another member of the human race but with a high-profile job. He probably enjoyed every moment of this.


He's lucky the guy wasn't armed. For those of you hating on Hank, if you had worked as hard as he has, you'd be a success too, no matter which country you came from.


LMAO in tears over this. Tom acting so damn cool like nothing was going on. Best laugh I've had all day.


He is a jerk who only cares about his self & not this nation. I know he is Canadian but even most Canadians like our country.


Could Tom Hanks be a cooler dude? Love it.


Tom Hanks is such a BAMF! :D


Haha Tom Hanks my man! this pic was used on fb's 'embarrasing nightclub photos of the week' page too :D