Nicki Minaj Curses Off Mariah Carey: Caught on Tape!

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If tension equates to ratings, American Idol may shatter a few records this season.

During a taping of early Season 12 auditions in Charlotte yesterday, production slammed to a halt when Nicki Minaj WENT OFF on Mariah Carey - and portions of the incident are caught on tape!

Watch for yourself:

As captured by TMZ and seen above, Minaj tells producers: "I told them I'm not f-ckin' putting up with her f-ckin' highness over there."

It's been no secret that Carey is angry over the show bringing another female on board, and it's now clear the feeling of disdain is mutual.

Sources say the fight broke out over a contestant's performance and that Nicki told Mariah at one point: "I'm gonna knock you out."

Keith Urban and Randy Jackson tried to settle their counterparts down, but to no avail. The taping consequently shut down early in order for both sides to slow their respective rolls.

Producers are reportedly legitimately worried about chemistry on set, bu, hey, at least they didn't bring Khloe Kardashian on board to host.


i feel sorry for the contestants. i mean, all the attention is on these to having a b*tch-off. any really good contestants have been lost in Barbie & Cindy fighting


I'm sorry but how did Nikki Minaj get on this show?! I hated it when other judges (who couldn't sing) were asked to be on the show and I personally don't think Nikki Minaj is a "super star" who has earned her claim to fame. I listen to her music, and yes, it's fun. But she is just a phase, trend, and way to hyped up right now. She was being disrespectful to Mariah Carey (who actually can sing and has earned her right to be "The Highness" of music) Nikki Minaj has no right or experience to comment on Mariah Carey's thoughts and oppinons of another singer. What has this music world come to?!


Don't watch the show at all anymore....
What do you expect? You've got Ghetto and Ms I love to feel my self up when I sing....The show has turned trashy.

@ critic

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See where Idol has added a touch of class to the panel this time around. I for one don't want to watch the housewives duke it out!


Oh, to be young and dumb in Hollywood.
Onika shouldn't have been so quick to show her crazy egotism before its guaranteed that she'll even be back for a second season, assuming we'll even be interestedin watching this newly revamped trainerwreck. Its so freakin predictable! First off Randy J. Is there because the deal that was supposed to be done with Enrique Englesias fell through so that leaves Randy with playing writing partner /bodyguard to his old pal Mariah and as for Mariah,she's not fooling anyone she's just as crazy as Onika she's just old enough to know how to get under skin to make her go off. They're not going to let them get physical so what's the point in watching a once decent show now turned TV crap! DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE PEOPLE THEY WANT YOU TO TUNE INTO THE INSANITY THEREBY TAKING ATTENTION AWAY FROM THE MAIN EVENT, THE CONTESTANTS."THE VOICE" is now queen and we all know why forget American Idol. Thank you.


Remember Minaj rhymes with garbage. How apporpriate. Does FOX think that by having this religion hater on the show, that the ratings will improve? I DON'T THINK SO!!!

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