Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery: Revealed!

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Farrah Abraham is loving her new look. Her plastic surgeon likely is too.

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    Looks as if she was playing in the UGLY tree, lost her footing, and hit every branch on the way down! Not only is she a HORRIBLE MOTHER, but now she's even UGLIER!


    Her nose looks HORRIBLE!!!! She was a very beautiful girl before, despite her crappy attitude. I guess everything matches now.


    Oh Farrah, you looked so much prettier BEFORE. Your exotic beauty has been replaced by a plastic look. Jeeeezzzz!?


    hi farah i am read your book it make me cry you are my big number 1biggest fean your daughter and you look pretty when i was watch teen mom i know we both dont know eachother i wish we can be friends it would be nice for you to gave me advice i would like to meet you and your daughter when are you plan to come in toronto are you going to make anymore book


    She looks ridiculous. And her face looks super fat.


    Regardless of the surgeries, she's still an ugly bitch.


    dude she is a fool, who takes care of her kid while she has all these surgeries, oh yea probably her mom that she seems to hate, get a clue girl your 15 minutes are up, and you look like Jiminy Glick now way to go


    She looked better before... was this like 2 dadys after surgery or what because her face looks super fat and swollen.


    Oh my goodness............ I thought this was a joke at first. I can understand a nose job (I guess) because so many people get that... fine. However, her nose job looks bad...... She had a bit of a "beak" before. But now, her nose looks wide and rounded. I think it actually looks bigger than it used to. But even so, it is just a nose job. Now the CHIN IMPLANT on the other hand??????? My goodness...... I cannot imagine spending thousands of dollars to get a bigger chin????? I thought that people paid money to make their chins NOT look like this. The chin is absolutely ridiculous! It makes her face look fat/chubby/bloated..... Between the nose and the chin, her face looks ENORMOUS. She looks dreadful. I could go on and on and on about this all day...... but I will stop now. She looked much better before.

    @ Al

    I couldn't agree with you more. I think she could have used a nose job (because of the "beak") but the nose job she got made it just look fat. And where the chin implant came from I don't know. Who wants that?!!! Lol. Her face looks puffy in this pic and I think she definitely will be the next Heidi Montag because ruining your face like this and thinking you look better only leads to more plastic surgery...and horrific consequences!! And she should be saving this money for her daughter's college fund, or putting it to better use. If she wants her face to look worse she could probably hire someone to kick it for like $5, lol.


    YIKES!!! I hate to say this, but she really looked much better before. I know she was trying to be a model, but this is not going to get her there. I really hope for her sake that's all swelling and her face will look better in a few months.

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