Bristol Palin at Center of White Powder-Based Death Threat

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Bristol Palin may say a lot of controversial things - see comments, gay marriage - but it looks like the Dancing with the Stars contestant was disturbingly spot-on this week.

She really is the target of death threats.

Bristol with Glasses

TMZ confirms that a package with white powder was sent to CBS studios yesterday, along with a message that read:

This is what will happen to you if Bristol Palin stays on [Dancing with the Stars].

Seriously, people can be messed up.

The powder was determined to be harmless, but law enforcement officials are investigating the situation and treating it like a legitimate threat.

In 2010, Palin was at the center of a similar incident.

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Stop the threats people. Ya, she's not a dancer & she's just out there to be known because of her mommy, but come on. Get real. Just vote her off & we won't have to worry about her. (this season & hopefully no more seasons.)


Bristol Palin sucks as a dancer. That girl makes Mark look bad as a dancer. What is wrong with people. She could not move the first time around. Just cause she is Palin's daughter! Come on people can't you see how that girl is a disgrace as a dancer. Joey did not deserve to be eliminated. I hope she will be ousted this next week. Please vote her out.

@ ida watters

I would MUCH RATHER have seen Kyle Massey dance than Bristol. Her western dance was bad, she lost her footing at one point, meaning got out of step and then has the audacity to say Carrie Ann was ghetto, WTF?


Why did they send the package to CBS? "Dancing with the Stars" is aired on ABC.


I don't agree with the extreme people go to, but there is no way I would vote for Bristol. Mark, yes, if.he had a different partner.

@ Piscean Gal

Like I said. What a waste of a good show & a waste of a good dancer. Bristol pack your bags, go home.

@ Lacy

Tell that to Bristol's millions of fans!! :) I'm sure she won't do what you want her to do because she never reads these comments. ..and besides I don't think she care less. She's tough and I admire her for that!-.she'll never chicken out. She has guts!


From now on, all my votes go to Bristol and Mark.

@ Jim

All my votes to to Bristol and Mark too! What's the reasons of the the hates. I hope not because she's an unwed parent? She's not the only one people! What did she do wrong to you? It's none of our business people!

@ Jim

You must be related. Or do you have something with her & her mommy?