Report: Dancing With the Stars Set On Lockdown After White Powder Mailed to Bristol Palin

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Emergency responders raced to CBS Television City studios late Friday after a white powder substance was found by a member of the Dancing with the Stars staff.

The apparent target, according to TMZ, was likely Bristol Palin.

Law enforcement sources say the powder substance was discovered by a DWTS staff member, and a section of the studio was then evacuated and cordoned off.

Mark Ballas and Bristol Palin

Fortunately, the FBI reported it appears to be mere talcum powder after "initial field screening was negative for hazardous substances." An investigation continues.

The powder was contained in a piece of fan mail addressed to Bristol Palin. We know plenty of fans are upset with her long run on the show, but this is just wrong.

Come on, people. There's nothing funny about terrorist threats, even if Brandy's elimination really sucked. Get a grip ... also, the white powder thing is so 2001.

Now that this is over and it looks like everyone's free from danger, we can go back to debating whether Bristol deserves to be in the finals ...


@youneedtosoberup u dont need to b a liberal or a pothead to kno bristol cant dance n is usin her name win btw bristol was a pothead it was mentioned on her now closed myspace which was proven to b hers


I really do enjoy watching Bristol. It's fun to see a regular person with no dance or performance experience improve week to week. Some of her dances have been excellent and very entertaining. I hope you can open your hearts and believe that there really are people out here voting for Bristol and Mark because we've ENJOYED their progress and journey, including their dancing. There's something different and special about their team.


wish she just go away


A white powdery substance was found. I thought Lindsey Lohan was still in custody.


liberal this, tea party that. The bottom line is chica can't baila esta cumbia. There is a fifty-fifty chance that a supporter did it to gain sympathy votes for Bristol as there is a chance that some wacko did this as a scare tactic (one guy did hoot out his tv when she one so u know there wackos on both sides of the criminally insane). But it is a hundred percent certain that Bristol can not dance or model (check out the mediocre pics she took in Harper's Bazaar...FAIL). It's also a hundred percent true that she is no star or celebrity. She's just a glorified idiot who got knocked retardedly while her mother was running for one the second most prestigous title in the land. And the baby daddy is a douche bag. God bless America and all that but wake up people.


@you need to sober up- if you think Bristol deserves to be there and got there off of her talent alone then you are the one that needs to sober up and while you're at it, get your eyes checked.


At least we all know what it would have been like if Kate Goselin had made it to the finals.


She is so painfully bad; I get douche chills and have to turn it off. I used to feel bad for her; people voting just because of who her mom is. Then to have her making it not on her merits but on some crazy campaign by others -- this is all pathetic. And to top it off she now thinks she deserves to be there. This family needs to take their medication.


I just heard that Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly are going to tell their entire audiences to vote for Bristol on Monday night.


You just know that sooner or later DWTS will have Rin-Tin-Tin, Mr. Ed, Lassie, Elmo or perhaps 'The Beaver' ! Come on... They're 'Stars'

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