Robert Pattinson Moves Back In!!!

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Our long national nightmare is over, THG readers.

A new report doesn't simply state that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are headed in the right direction; it confirms the couple has already arrived at its destination.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in Breaking Dawn

"They are living together and have reconciled," a source tells the new issue of Us Weekly, which goes on sale Friday.

The road back to happiness for Robsten will remain challenging, however.

Another insider also tells the tabloid that Rob and Kristen are once again an item, but their relationship has changed since she admitted to an affair with director Rupert Sanders.

For understandable reasons, Pattinson is allegedly "extra-sensitive right now," claims this mole. "He's insecure."

But at least he's back where he belongs.

Following the Sanders/Stewart scandal, multiple friends confirmed Robert moved out of the residence he and Kristen purchased about a year ago and had been holed up for weeks in Reese Witherspoon's vacation home.

But with the Breaking Dawn press tour about to begin, and with time healing at least some of his wound, it appears as if Pattinson has found a way to forgive. Can he ever forget, though?

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kristen after what she has done didn't deserve robert pattinson.
its ironic right that bella turned to jacob for love when edward was gone instead of waiting for him and kristen turned to rupert because robert was too busy to fulfill her needs
he was going to propose in spring damn it.
how can you do this to him kristen ,maybe your character as bella grown onto you. now pls don't hold him up if he is unhappy because pain of betryal can't be easily forggotton.
pls let him go freely to live and build his own life once again if you love him.
this is atleast you can do after your heart wrenching betryal.pls and take care of yourself too.


I'm glad to hear that Rob and Kris are back together. Why we have to blame Kris while they were just need a space for mutual introspections them self.


Did he really move out in the first place? All that was fast. He shall just be warned, he knows how she is so okay let them try again cool.


Kristen is a beautiful stunning woman, My only suggestion to her is: Forget giving the BIRD to all the paparazzi and media people and forget the F BOMB all the time....I really think that is why they all give you so much HEAT....I didn't say I blame you but you look so great in your Paris Pictures...Smiles and sharpness....Good Luck kids..You will be fine and much stronger...Watch and you both.


Kristen sucks


It seems everyone is blaming Kristen for everything. What about the married man Rupert Sanders? No one seems to be calling him a slut or a whore. He is just as guilty as she is. If Kristen and Rob are back togther I wish them the best.


YIPPIE!! I am so happy to hear that they are trying to work things out. Good Luck!!


Am happy they are back together, now I can av rest of mind too. U belong together.


All I say is Get a ring on her finger ASAP Robert Pattinson! Then She'll be all yours.

@ Supergirlz147

@Supergirlz147-i agree


Redemption and forgiveness are good things. Now, let's leave them to their privacy. This is nobody's business but theirs.

@ Sage49

I agree with you 100%