Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson: Moving in Right Direction!

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Multiple reports are now coming in, verifying what we first reported last week

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are nearing a full-on reconciliation!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Tabloid Cover

According to the latest issue of OK! Weekly, the "frost is thawing" between Ron and Kristen, with the former trusting his estranged girlfriend more and more. He reportedly really does believe her regret over kissing Rupert Sanders.

“Rob has always said they were soul mates and part of him still believes it," a source tells the tabloid. "So having to cut her out of his life has been excruciating. He hasn’t forgiven her yet, but he seems to be going in that direction.”

A Wonderwall insider shares this sentiment.

Pattinson and Stewart are NOT back together, that website states. However:

"He loves her and despite everything, Rob is the person Kristen cares about and loves most. They are taking things slow, but it's moving in the right direction."

Oh yes, Twihards. It appears we are a lot closer to Robsten 2.0 than to Robsten 2.NO.


O: I'm soo Happy! I will go out and buy this Mag, I'm Full on with TEAM ROBSTEN <3 Forever I'm Glad they sorted things out and are now officially BACK TOGETHER, as I aaalways start singing now " we are always always always getting back togetherr <3 " Well, I love you guys soo much I hope you guys get Married and i'm invited ^o^ hahah justkidding, but AHHH ! <3 I can't seem to find Robsten Poster Mags anywhere please make them ! ^o^ OHKAY BYeee


kristen n rob re great together n i hope they get marry.


I hope that they get married and have kids


to hear this i am very happy i would love to see them together on the release of breaking dawn part-2


Robert is the persin kristen loves and cares about the most hmmmmmm I wonder how much of that was active when she was sucking face with Rupert if Rob takes her back and thats a BIG IF he wont do it si quickly that would be stupid and he has a lot to consider llllike aids and STIs comeon hiw much r you guys willing to bet that kristen didnt cut rupert some ofthe sweet pie I SAY SHE TOTALLY did him ofcourse she wont admitt she slept with him she lies about everything and Rob knows that VEEERY WELL this is ridiculois hollywood THE RELATIONSHIP IS A SHAM and so is Kristen.

@ sisj

i think its wonbarful they got back togther i hope they get married and have kids they make a cute copuple

Gloria hovis

I wish them both luck, and best wishes good luck as well be good to each other and take care of each other.
And for everyone else here leave them alone let Robert work things out with Kristen. They are back together they even are living together again good luck.


Argh, worst couple ever. It's not the right direction at all. What is the magazine on about?

@ Corn Dog

yea i bet probably because your so miserable with your own life you have to pick with someone else's

@ Corn Dog

its their life u dont hve a say in it. So just get on with ur life....

@ churu wan

I think, you're so right! It's their life--everyone should stay out of their business!!! Though, it's kinda phenominal listening, to some of their opionions....

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