Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders Affair Photos: Totally Fake?!?

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The photographic evidence. That's what we labeled pictures of Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders in Us Weekly, as they clearly showed the actress and director locked in a passionate embrace.

Or did they?!?

A new video has gone viral that purports to debunk this myth. It alleges its very own "proof" that the images were actually doctored, edited to appear as if Sanders and Stewart were making out in Los Angeles when, in this supposed reality, neither star was even at the location in question.

Are you buying the tricks this video claims were used to fool all of America?

Stewart, of course, admitted to the affair within 24 hours of this report hitting the Internet. So why would she possibly play a role in the conspiracy?

Blackmail! What if Sanders and Liberty Ross were behind the scandal this entire time in order to boost their professional profiles? The latter did suddenly walk the runway at New York Fashion Week a couple days ago.

What do you think? Were the Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders photos part of an elaborate hoax?


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The cheating is probably real but I think they only kiss but most of the pictures are obviously fake. She was wearing different shoes at two of the picture in which they took on different post but same position. The location was off, and it was obviously noticeable by the editing line. Not to mention some of the photo claim were actually the photo pictures of houses in magazine. Cheated but most of all photo are fake.


Kristen, you are always beautiful.


whether fake or not!they'v alredy admitted 2 the affair so the paprazi better stop acting lyk the concerned hero coz it was their fault that the scandal broke out.and now that its almost ol 4gotten wit people leaving k-stew alone they want 2 bring the subject back!are they really that desperate 4 news???


The photo of Sanders behind Kristen holding her has to be fake. Kristen is posed exactly as she was in a scene from one of the twilight movies with Rob holing her. I bet someone photo shopped in Sanders for Rob. It's just too coincidental that Kristen is posed the same.


That is bull shizz. She cheated,she admitted and that's that. That video is bull shizz plain and simple. Leave Rob and Kristen alone to work it out or stay broken up,whatver, it's their decision. No one runs their lives but them.


everyone makes mistakes so grow up and spop hating
love you kristen
love you very mutch angie


They could actually be fake. I mean what they do to pictures in magazines and pictures of models/actresses making them look completely fake looking. It wouldn't be a surprise if they were fake. If they can find out who allegedly took the photos; then they could prove if they are real or not.


Everyone makes mistakes in life... Everyone is blowing this whole thing out out of wack.. They are adults and can figure it out on there own.


I think that if it was rob who cheated people wouldn't be so upset about all this. The world is truly a hypocritical place that condemns women for cheating but very rarely men. She made a mistake and she owned up to it, so who cares anymore? Rob should forgive her I think. Everyone who says he shouldn't is dumb because they would be telling her to forgive him if he was the cheater.


Denial is not just a river in Egypt. But this is thoroughly entertaining - thanks Twi-hards for providing much comedy!