Kristen Stewart on Robert Pattinson: We're Fine!

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With the Robsten rumors flying - Is Robert Pattinson moving to London? Is Kristen Stewart melting down? - fans were treated to their first real comments about this estranged couple at Thursday's Toronto Film Festival debut of On the Road.

And they weren't what many may have been expecting.

K. Stew in Toronto

Asked about the status of her relationship to Pattinson, Stewart told reporters: "We're going to be fine. We're totally fine."

Those words marked the first time Rob or Kristen has directly addressed their tenuous situation, which, of course, stems from the latter's admitted affair with director Rupert Sanders.

Despite that scandal, Stewart admitted at the premiere that she wouldn't have missed the event for anything, no matter the response she received.

"We have been waiting for this [movie] to be unleashed for so long," she said. "It was sort of one of those situations where you just have to put yourself in your body and go appreciate the moment. I would have been happy standing... with the entire theater booing it as long as I was in that row with my cast and with [director] Walter [Salles]."

In the end, though, Stewart had nothing to worry about. Fans screamed support and held up signs for her, with witnesses confirming Kristen stuck around for an extra hour to sign autographs and thank attendees.

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ugly and infiel


I knew those pictures in US were strange the moment I saw them. We were taught in ART to go over pictures closely with a magnifying glass and sometimes a microscope. I said they were phony and asked people with a voice to say so. Now they are have been exposed on YouTube as being photo shopped. See for yourself, no doubt to build up a big pay day. i hate to see decent young people exploited and made miserable. I would rather see them have a chance at happyness. "Judge not that you be not Judged." Jan.


Im glad that they are alright, but for robs sake, i dont think they should get back together. Apparently, she didnt have sex with the director but that still doesnt make things right and i believe that if the pictures never surfaced then she would still be at it. I am glad that she got all the shit from people because feeling like she has tells us that she cares for rob, but then why did she do it?
Either way im glad that its start to calm down for the both of them and they need to get their lives back on track. I hope they are happy together again, but if i was in robs position, i couldnt have took her back because i'll just be thinking of what shes done to me and constanty be looking over my shoulder, keeping an eye on her. Rob is clearly more forgiving, and i love him for that.


So they are back together! i do not think Rob would rush back so fast i did not & i did not move back to our home as fast as gossip says Rob is! But then again as i am sure some will tell me i am not Rob. But i feel that the pain is raw, and it is to soon. I hope it works out, love might make the world go round, but paranora kills it.


Rob and Kristen are already back together. When you see how much happier he was at the VMAs and she was looking at her ring all during her TiFF promo its obvious they are back. Kristen spoke to that issue. Robert loves her beyond anything. She loves him too. i wish them well. They dont live in the real world,temptation is much greater, more intense. good luck to them.


Cheaters are scum! Kristen Stewart, I'm looking at you! If those pictures hadn't surfaced, she would have continued having an affair with a married man and father of two while poor Robert remained in the dark! He's too good for that talentless hooker!
May karma f**k her over!


I can't believe that people are still giving Kristen hell over what had happen. I have yet to see any evidence that she was sleeping with the creep. Yes she was wrong for hugging and kissing the guy, while she was still seeing Rob. But I have seen plenty of famous couple get back together under worse circumstances and the most of they are still together and going on strong today. I think there maybe chance for them, but it won't be easy for Kristen. She is going to have fight for him and he should make her ass work hard for it.


True! But 4 Rob it is diffirent, the pictures are out there. Also trust me, i have been in rob's postion, & when the trust is gone, it is gone! I forgave, tried to make it work & 3mths later, we were over. So i am sorry they treated her so bad, but i do not think getting back together is a good idea, later if they want to,when Rob is less angry, & the hurt & pain is not so raw. Good night.


I agree with you on the married man factor and by call it poor judgement is an understatement on my part, but, having received the media blasting that she has received, if she and Robert get back together, I'm certain that she will prove to be extremely careful. As such Robert will have made an excellent decision by reuniting.


I said dating, when i really meant single.

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