Nicki Minaj Raps Support for Mitt Romney, Bashes Democrats as "Lazy Bitches"

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One of the more outspoken artists in the music business, Nicki Minaj makes her political leanings very clear in a verse from the track "Mercy," which is included on Lil Wayne‘s "Dedication 4" mixtape.

So, who has Minaj poetically endorsed?

“I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney," she raps in the following video, adding (we presume) of the Democrats: "You lazy bitches are f-cking up the economy."

Minaj isn't the only celebrity who will be pulling a lever in Romney's direction in November. Chuck Norris worries that another four years of President Obama will send the nation into darkness, while Clint Eastwood expressed his concerns by talking to an empty chair.

Who will YOU be voting for in this election?

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You are a brave and common sense young lady, I salute your courage and your care for the future of our country, may God Bless You!!


I love you now !!!


Thank you Nicki, you made my day! Good choice. GO MITT!


Wow funny it's not the fact that she's voting for him that has me pissed its the fact that she acts like she was never a democrat I wonder how your family in Trinidad living I am damn sure they not republicans its funny how George W Bush got US Americans key word born in raised into this mess in it was OBAMA that same black president who is trying to pull the economy and world back together f... Who don't like it Obama has done some difference you can't expect change over night I am a college graduate with my master and bachelors in I am a Democratic Party LAZY B.... Funny never have been that I work hard for everything I have I will be voting for OBAMA another 4 year Nicki Fake Minaj you are an Ignorant individual

@ Tybaby

B.O. voted for the war in Iraq, Libs are lazy and only want FREE Stuff, well when the rich people leave this country, then what are you lazy asses going to do??


Way to go Nicki Minaj! Wish more people were like her!


WAY to go Nicki!!!!!! I now consider you smart! I thought you were an Obama supporter. Mitt Romney is the most qualified person to run for president. He was a business consultant at one of the best firms in the nation. He started Bain Capital which turned around hurting businesses. Then hey saved the Olympics (which was amazing). Then becomes a governor and turns that around was well. Plus he was a leader in his church for 10 years. Obama on the other hand was a community organizer and a senator for two years. wow no wonder your country has a high unemployment rate, high gas prices, more debt, raising healthcare cost, foreign policy that is falling apart and much much more. We elected a man how has done nothing and made it to the presidential race by luck. ROMNEY RYAN 2012!!! lets turn this country around! AMERICA!!!!!!! YAHOOOOOO!


Die Nicki, laughing at GOP, die ROMNEY/RYAN,Go OBAMA/BIDEN 2012


I am not mad that she is voting for the good ol boy, but I ain't never been or will be a lazy bytch. Thank you Obama for making it possible to finish with my Master's. Student loans on deck.


Nicki just lost a fan, if she is so willing to be uninformed and uninterested in the facts, then I have no time for her or her silly baby talk crap rap. saying that is like is like Anne Frank voting for Hitler. Seriously you dumb a**, read something once in a while.


for Wtf comment and Judy's comment... you ignorant fools!! Really?!! Obama has this country in ignorant trash talkig a_ _es!! Get your facts straight dip sh_ts!! Its bush who put this country in the brink of bankruptcy and in shambles..Obama is only trying to get it back's not like its a walk in the park you fools! It takes time to clean up retarded republicans before you open your pie hole make sure you know what you are talking about...this from a educated Democrat you iliterate bastards!THanks for all the mess REPUBLICANS...WE REALLY DO APPRECIATE IT...ASS_ _LES!!

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