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America's favorite action star is doing just that this election - calling on evangelical Christians across the nation to join him in crushing the creep of socialism under President Obama. That's what he claims is going on anyway.

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White people come from Adam and Eve and God.Niggers come from monkeys and evolution.Gooks come from niggers fucking siamese cats.


He poooooooopy


Chuck Norris and mate are proof neanderthals are not extinct, and human sapiens did not evolve from them.


1000 years of darkness?!!! Are you saying that with a straight face? That is some real acting. So stupid. So much drama about electing a moderate Democratic man for his second term. Get over it. Americans like their govevernment programs like Social Security and Medicare and public education. These are social programs and
most of us like them and don't see them bringing a millenium of evil.


One black President and all of a sudden the country is lost to a thousand days of darkness?? What a crock!


Obama is nothing but a Bin Laden plant,a set up to destroy our country from within.Obama needs to be sent back to Kenya where he was born before he destroys us.


I'm Chuck Norris and waspy wife. We need money to exist--please vote for our Nazi Regime, so we can keep our money--thanks!!


That looks like Klan hoods hanging in the background!


What bull.

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