Mariah Carey on Nicki Minaj Feud: What Nicki Minaj Feud?!?

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It's been two days since Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban were confirmed as American Idol judges on Season 12.

And there's already talk of contention among panelists.

American Idol Team

According to show sources, Mariah Carey was peeved from the outset over Minaj possibly joining the judging table, considering the outspoken rapper would give the pop legend a run for her diva-like money.

Asked by reporters yesterday about the supposed tension between her and Minaj, Carey dismissed the chatter, saying: "How can we feud in two days? I think a feud takes a little longer."

Nicki didn't have anything negative to say about Mariah, either, labeling her very brief Idol experience - which includes a couple hours of auditions - so far as "wonderful."

Concluded Randy Jackson: "We're having fun, dude. We've been having a good time. There has been a lot of laughs."

Well... darn. Where's the gossip related fun in that?!?


Even if the feud rumors are false, I still think it is going to be interesting to see these two ladies interact. I’m definitely on Team Nicki for this one! I love her music and can always count on her songs to wake me up in the mornings on the way to my office at Dish. Mariah Carey is an awesome artist too, so I’m excited to see how they both do together on the show. My husband would kill me if I made him watch American Idol though! I’m just lucky that our Hopper DVR has three independent tuners, so he can watch whatever he wants while I get my A.I. fix. Is it too soon to be totally excited?!


I didnt know they make more
doing a season show on t.v. than doing a concert tour?
Let Minaj hug Careys "Nick" once,. and It's On !
Dont Touch My Man....!!!!


Mariah is not jealous of Nikki.Mariah really sings.She has sold more albums than any woman.Has most number singles ever passin Elvis.


MC is hot! Ameican idol rules with her as judge.


Well done guys have fun! Bt dnt over step it, lov ya all

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