Liam Hemsworth Demands Miley Cyrus Quit Twitter

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She's no stranger to creating an uproar on Twitter, having already gone off on homophobia and even dissed Jesus Christ (according to some).

But Miley Cyrus' latest diatribe on that social network has apparently gotten her into major trouble... with fiance Liam Hemsworth.

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus, Out and About

The singer expressed some serious sadness on Twitter a couple weeks ago, causing folks to wonder if there were problems at home.

And an insider tells Star Magazine that the mysterious, depressing words were a "huge insult to Liam."

"She tried to pass it off like it had nothing to do with him, but it totally affected him, no matter what she tries to say,” reads a report in the latest issue of this tabloid.

It goes on to say:

"She was trying to get his attention, but she just ended up making him pull away from her more. He thinks she’s acting like an immature schoolgirl, and he wants her to get off Twitter completely."

Harsh words, but for a private guy, can you really blame him?


im a lesbian and liam dosent no that but pleas dont tell himm i love u fans hhes knoing im acting wierd lve miley:]


i dont like lim im alesbian and dont tell nobody guys i trust u smilers but i just cant lbreak up with him tell me what should i do my loved fans love miley


i love miley cyrus


i no my fans are good fans they are always ther 4 me i love u all i prefer to be free and divorsed without liam


i think that miley is a girl who just copied somebody who was pink so she did it get over her she older than little kid s so shes on a diffrent level her fans must be waiting on her she was fine before but she is not the miley that you think she is she is the only girl who was on lol she was fine there but she is immature so plz dont say you like her shes just a mith she is real she just look at her pictures and youll se who she really is.........??????????so shes good but her personalty nah wana know why she changed herself like if she were otherr people so get over her see for your self and why she has to get off her twitter ??????hes not the boss of her she old enough to make her desicions


october 10 2012 12;00


im gonna miss you on twitter baby


Liam Hemsworth, do you want my penis?


I don't think Miley is acting 'immature' at all. She merely wished to express some deep thoughts that were weighing on her mind. I don't think she meant to hurt anyone---just express.
And 'demanding' she get off twitter? Now THAT sounds childish and immature. Controlling even...Considering Twitter is one of the few ways that the supergirl is able to reach-out and relate to her that seems somewhat---rude...
Good luck in however you decide to handle this Miley. I am always wishing the best for you...Hollywood---out.


Her poor poor Dad. And there's nothing Billy Ray can do she's walked away from her Dad and now Christ protection. She'll hopefully return to her roots

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