Miley Cyrus Takes Twitter Heat for Perceived Jesus Diss

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This is one of the more obscure Twitter wars in recent memory.

A week after lashing out for receiving death threats on the social network, Miley Cyrus is once again at the center of a controversy - and it all has to do with theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss.

Lawrence Krauss Pic

The singer/actress posted the above photo of Krauss on her account last night, including a passage that partly reads:

You are all stardust. You couldn’t be here if stars hadn’t exploded, because the elements (carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, all the things that matter for evolution) weren’t created at the beginning of time. They were created in stars. So forget Jesus. Stars died so you can live.

Many followers proceeded to take exception to the whole "forget Jesus" thing, with one follower writing to Miley: "You seriously believe that crap? It’s so ridiculously stupid. Go to hell."

There's someone who clearly follows the teachings of Jesus well, huh?

This isn't the first time Cyrus has upset her Christian followers. The young star is an outspoken advocate of gay marriage, penning an op-ed on the topic last month and receiving a lot of criticism for her views.


Miley 's music sucks as much as her Father' runs in the family.


i find it humorous that people are calling evolution a "fairy tale" when it has more compelling scientific evidence than the ancient tale of a man in the sky creating everything in the universe in a week.


@Ken: Perhaps you shouldn't take so seriously the teachings of a centuries-old religious book? Just a suggestion.


Miley is quoting evolutionists beliefs. She is not correct. Evolutionary thinking is just belief in made up fairy tales. Upon reading the Real truth found in the Bible, she would know everything was made by God, the Creator. Jesus, God's son died for Miley. If she believes in Jesus and how he rose from the dead to save her from her sins, Miley will go to be in Heaven upon her death. Fools despise their own souls by caring for their bodies instead of their souls.


CALM DOWN. Let Miley believe what she wants to! You people make me sick when you comment on here hating on somebody for having a belief or opinon. You people who are commenting rude things, you guys arent Christians acting like that, go back to church. And Christians arent agaisnt gays!


Some of these so called "Christians" have posted the most judgmental and ugly comments. Miley is young and she is probably questioning her beliefs which I believe everyone should do. This can only make your faith stronger or become your true self. In my 20's I questioned what my church actually believed and I studied other religions and I decided organized religion was not for me. Too many man made rules and not enough spirituality. Ugly Ugly comments do not convince me that I would want to be at your church ever!


she is entitled to her opinions. but just keep them within friends familys coworkers. if she was claiming that she was a christian for the longest time. and used that to back up some of her scandals. heck yes some people will be upset. i said this before and ill say it again. celebrities should not talk about politics and religion. talk about it with a friend if they must. because you are bound to piss off one group of people. and what miley did here may have been the breaking point for some people.


No REAL Christian would say this: [Someone- "wat the hell is her problem??? she should noe dat wit out Jesus, she wouldn't be here today...and to be honest, if i were God, i would make her suffer until she feels what jesus went dru and ask for forgiveness...fuck her to damnation!!!!"] and THIS is certainly not very Christian [sarah- "@miley oh just shut u bitch
i believe in christanity
jesus is everywhere
what hell are you talking about
just go to hell
u dont have any sense...
u r talking like a bitch
i swear...i hate u so much from now"] and to top it all off neither make any sense because the only thing Miley said was "Beautiful" if you have a problem with anything after that the person you should be bitching at is Lawrence Krauss. Every person's vision of beauty is different and no one has the right to say that someone's opinion of what is beautiful is wrong. Don't we have more important things to worry about than what a 19 year old girl puts on twitter.


Who cares what religion she is, she's a person and who cares if she supports something ou dont she's a person and has her own beliefs!!!


Who gives a shit. There is such a thing as freedom of speech. I am an atheist, so I agree with her. Don't crucify Myley because she expressing an opinion. You are all so fucking uptight. Get over yourselves!!!

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