Miley Cyrus Takes Anti-Homophobia Stance on Twitter

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One of Hollywood's most outspoken supporters of gay marriage and LGBT equality, Miley Cyrus has taken to Twitter to once again stand up for this important cause.

Cyrus - who actually wrote an editorial on the issue and also has a tattoo that expresses her beliefs - posted a photo on the social network yesterday that includes a close-up of her "favorite accessory of the day."

Along with this button, Miley included the hashtag #stopspreadinhate.

Miley Tweet Photo

Love Miley or hate Miley - and THG has certainly taken issue with some of her wardrobe choices and transparent attempts to break free from her Hannah Montana persona - you've gotta admire a celebrity for taking a controversial stand.

Cyrus also did so last month when she said parents ought to talk to their kids about sex.


Hannah, wow, you're so fucking stupid, being homosexual isn't a choice, and it is indeed normal, it's something you can't control, and "'s always been that way until some perv came and changed it" how fucked in the head are you again? please, save the planet, kill yourself and bring It'sbrittanybitch and Abby N with you


You people calling her a slut and a whore for expressing her opinion are just immmature. Grow up. As for the rest of you, not every body is a Christian and not everybody agrees with all Christian teachings, and you don't have the right to do anything about that. Get over it, and stop being so narcissistic, JUDGMENTAL, and controlling when it comes to your religious beliefs.


Ali, take my advice and go shoot yourself in the head because fundamentalist Christianity is certainly a mental disorder and a dangerous ideology. I think the world needs you about as much as it needs STDs. God's love, my friend!


@ali..saying its not your business does not mean "its wrong but I like to do it." But besides that not making sense..none of your comments made much sense to me.


And the reason why we say "God created adam and eve
Not adam and steve"
Is that miley call herself a christion
So she believes in God
If she didn't believe,the way we discussed it would be different(sorry if my english is awful)


What nicole said (if you don't like homosexuality,you don't have to be a homosexual)
Is the end of the discussion.
Cause we are talking about
Whether it's right or not, and when you say it's no ones bussiness
It's like saying:
It's wrong but I like to do it.


hello where is miley cyrus fänn


The immaturity of some of these comments is so ridiculous it's almost amusing. Some people are gay. Get over it. Not everyone believes in God, some people fall in love with a person of the same gender. If you don't like homosexuality, you don't have to be a homosexual. But, and I say this as a straight woman, you don't have to get up in anyone else's business and tell them who they can and cannot love.


My beliefs tell me that I can't say for sure wether someone is going to hell or not!
Only God know that!
But my beliefs tell me to discuss wether gay is right or not!
Miley is a star,and surely will influence others.
So my responsibility is to tell others that she is wrong.
There are2conditions
I'm wrong
Miley is wrong
By discussion at least I or miley will know the truth Do we really have gay animals???


She'll do anything to be talked about!!! She's an attention whore!! I dislike her for many reasons. I was working out the other day and my Ipod was on shuffle and one of her old songs from "Breakout" came on and I thought I miss the old Miley! The cute innocent girl who had a great smile and adorable accent. Now yuck tattooed, weirdo, boob baring Miley is just yuck.

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