Kourtney Kardashian No Longer Believes in The Pill

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For a couple that is no longer living together - according to recent tabloid reports, that is - Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick are getting along awfully well on television.

But look for the twosome to get into a totally unscripted argument on this Sunday's edition of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, as Kourtney makes it clear that she may want more than two kids and Disick asks if he ought to have a say in that decision.

Kourtney Kardashian with a Stroller

"I don't want to be outnumbered by my children!" Disick yells, while sister Khloe Kardashian is also on hand and tries to talk some sense into Kourtney by explaining there are ways to prevent pregnancy.

However, Kourt drops a bombshell on her baby daddy and sibling, telling them in the following clip:

"I'm not going on the pill [after giving birth to Penelope]. I don't believe in it anymore!"

Watch the exchange below.


First of all she should be talking to her husband about wanting more kids. That's the only issue here. If she wants more kids she can afford them so what's the problem!? It's not a burden on the government, it's not a burden on society, it's a choice she can make without affecting anyone but herself and her significant other.


She is really CRAZY does he bring anything to the table besides his
baby maker?? He still wants to party and be out there not in a house full of kids. He just is not ready to settle down and she needs a rest her body, mind and sense.




Not believing in the pill is not that crazy... it's really not good for you... There are many side effects, some that you don't even know thats happening to you. Now a days everyone is on it... It can really screw with your body. Staying off the pill is smart. Just use a freaking condom!


Wouldn't it be great to find one entertainment site or 'new style' newspaper who had the balls to say "Kardashians go to hell, we are not posting anymore of your ongoing publicist's BS! We are not contributing to the dumbing down of American anymore! We are going to put our viewers first not payola".


great another kardashian baby factory F*CK!


If it's something that's going to shown on their show then it's more than likely scripted. They have ran out of story lines and putting any stupid crap on the air. Don't watch them anymore. Their shows are so unbelievable.


It's official! She's fucked up too. Is mental illness running rampant in that family Kim is obviously a whack, Kris is out there, & Kourtney is, wtf?? I thought she had some sense. She seems to view Disick as a glorified sperm supplier. No wonder he's going around the bend again! She belittles & degrades him constantly. Now, she doesn't believe in the pill......okkkkk

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