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Chris Daughtry Tweeted a shirtless photo of himself this week, and damn, this is one rock star who’s clearly been rocking it at the gym.

It was long overdue, he says.

The 32-year-old wrote, “Just left the gym! After 5 yrs of neglect, I’m PUMPED to see ABs again! Hard work and commitment is paying off!”

It sure is:

Chris Daughtry, Wife
Photo via Getty Images for The Trevor Proj

He added. “Since the Lifehouse tour in 2010, I’ve lost 23 pounds, but some of that was muscle. I had to refocus my food intake and mix up my routines.”

“It wasn’t until a few months ago that I REALLY got serious and motivated,” said the father of three, explaining his drive. “Now there’s no going back!”

And when one fan Tweeted about the rocker landing the cover of Men’s Health, the former American Idol star replied: “Hope so! Or Mens Fitness.”

MH and MF are probably on the phone as we speak.