Kourtney Kardashian (Allegedly) Kicks Scott Out!!!

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In Touch Weekly is aiming to win the Pulitzer Prize for imaginary Kardashian coverage.

A week after running a cover story that claimed Scott Disick was back on cocaine, the tabloid has pretended to do even more research into this soridd situation, following up that cover tale with one claiming Kourtney has kicked her baby daddy out.

Farewell, Scott Disick!

"Kourtney and Scott will be living in separate apartments" when Kourtney & Kim Take Miami returns this fall, an insider says, raising the question:

There's gonna be another season of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami?!?

Kourtney is allegedly sick of Disick's constant partying and irresponsible behavior, but friends wonder whether this move is really the answer. One says:

“Scott’s friends in Miami are partiers, and they’re all in the club scene - so he’ll be worse than ever. With his own apartment, he’ll have the privacy to do whatever he wants without Kourtney knowing.... There’s going to be a lot of drama."

It's almost as if E! planned it this way or something.

We'd feel terrible for poor little Penelope Scotland. If the story were remotely true.


Kourtney you are to good for scott he uses illegal drugs, cheats on you and thinks you are his sugar moms. The man does not even try to work a job how do you respect him with your work ethics.


everything has a price tag.if his genes are good enough for making babies then kourt should tolerate him.kids need father influence @ this age,dont worry folks you did be surprise how they might turn out.


get that money they know what they doing


Kourtney did a great job of leaving him he did drink a lot and was really a bad influence to mason and probally to the new baby! �


I think that the ppl that talk smack are just haters , I dont want to say how she should live her life bkuss it's hers , but I think that leaving Scott is what's best for mason & Penelope u don't want them growing in that kind of place & if she treats him like a dog or puppy he deserves it! He's been nothing but a doushbag who only cares about him self actions speak louder than words!!!


She,is a MORON.


Right Kourtney the one that talks most like a baby. The whole family is a joke. Go away already. Can you not tell this idiot became pregnant again for a reason. Psshhhhh.............


I don't like the kardashians as much anymore but out of everyone in the family Kourtney is my favorite! So Lisa, first you say she isn't a normal 'wife' - they aren't married! She had two kids with him she shouldnt be the one trying to take Scott to rehabs or AAA meetings. He is obviously old enough to go drinking, into clubs and opening up restaurants hes def old enough to get help for himself. He clearly doesnt wanna give up his 'party mood' so why should she force him. And of course its gonna be about her and her kids. What mother puts a drug addict and alcohol addict before her kids. If anything she is doing everything right. He knows what he is doing so only he can helP himself. Shes saving her kids from him and being a great mother !!


So over them. Ugh.


it's her own fault, I don't understand why women think they can change a man, they either do because they want to or not all... not because YOU think he should... moron

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