Kate Middleton Greeted By Topless Women on Solomon Islands

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Talk about hitting close to home!

With Kate Middleton topless pictures causing uproar in Europe, the Duchess of Cambridge was greeted by residents of Marau, Solomon Islands, in traditional attire.

Read: No tops.

Kate received a warm welcome during the latest stop on their Asian tour and was all smiles when given a traditional necklace and a topless sculpture of a female figure.

Kate Middleton in Marau

She and husband Prince William are taking legal action against French tabloid Closer, the first magazine to publish topless pictures of Kate on holiday last week.

Despite the lawsuit threat from the royal family, Ireland's Daily Star and Italian magazine Chi soon followed, running the Kate Middleton nude and topless shots.

"She's not our future queen," Daily Star editor Mike O'Kane told the BBC.

"The Duchess is no different to any other celeb pics we would get in, for example Rihanna or Lady Gaga." O'Kane was reportedly suspended over the decision.

Lawyers for Britain's royal family are attempting to stop further publication, filing both civil and criminal complaints against the parties responsible. Stay tuned.


I really want kate and William to be the next Monarchs on the throne after the Queen because Camilla and Charles wouldn't be good-cause no one likes Camilla. It would be fine if it was Charles and Diana. Also it would be great if Kate and William had a baby. xxx

@ Maria

I am very upset with your comment about me Maria but I do agree that I would love Kate and William to be the next Monarchs on the throne of course after her magesty Elizabeth. And I love you two and hope all the best for the new baby. xxx

@ Camilla

So, is it true that Kate and William are having a baby??? xxx

@ Stephanie

Yes, I really hope so too!!! xxx Good Luck

Wv peach

Oh the delicious irony!!! Lol!!


She loves showing those tits or being around women who expose tatas.If mitt or obama were in this situation,y all know tabloids would be hating on them.


They wore traditional dress.
They probably didn't even know she was involved in a topless scandal nor would they care. Anyways I hope Kate learns from this. Nothing is sacred. But I think ppl should start taking matters into their own hands. You invade my privacy I invade yours. You do it more than twice I start removing your body parts. Simple


gee kate the natives are cool. u ande your puritan hangups.if you were lessinhibited, i,d have u sign up and expose those knockers in national geographics.


What a touching gesture of solidarity from these women in the Solomon Islands to the Duchess! It was a very gracious and respectful gesture to pose in traditional clothing to emphasize the naturalness of being topless and show much more class than the supposedly civilized French, Irish and Italians! I hope she understood the gesture for what it was.


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