Kate Middleton Nude Photos Published By Chi Magazine

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The Italian magazine Chi has vowed to publish more of the infamous nude and topless Kate Middleton photos that the British royal family is suing over.

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    Get over yourselves people.....
    They are normal human beings and being naked is NOT such a big deal....
    Now if they were walking around outside the palace this way would be one thing, but they were NOT flaunting, only being with each other.
    Get over it, its no big deal.....


    No doubt about it. She has a sexy body!


    well first of all you realy can't see much because their seems to be a railing in the way.But if some fool were to invade my wifes privacy in our home witch includes hotel & balconies when we were on vacation would get an up close & personel visit from me witch would most likely result in my arrest for assult because I would kick that reporters but all over the country of France.Maybe if thire were more but kickings this crap would stop.Does someone else have to die to put a stop to invading peoples privacy.The prince should take compromising pictures of this reporter & his family,publish them & see how he likes it when his family is sllattered all over the news,and the prince should punch this reporter in the head at his earliest convience & the hell with public openion.


    ehehhhhehehehehhheh! i dont see any problem with her bikini designs shes very sexy shame upon de photographers


    Sorry, but when you are a photo magnet, you just can't frolic around like the common folk do. It is idiotic to think that in their position, they would have any real privacy. Right or wrong, it's just common sense. Not a fan of these photographers but they should always be on guard and somewhat clothed.


    For me its okay. They loved to do it. And Caty wanted to empress her husband. being topless. And her husband did not advise her not to remove her bra. Instead they go on. So there's nothing this for them. But in the eyes & mind of the people saw this photo of Caty was give a big scandal. Because they are not an ordinary people. They are royal family. So they should not give bad example to the people. They should learn. And forget and forgive them. God bless them


    Good morning. My only comment is this. Some said they should be in their private room or Restroom. Yes they did it in public and this is a very big scandal. But may be they were there in public and nobody sees them & no photographer around, so they did it with out knowing that they were giving a big scandal. But what in my mind let them enjoy and let them be happy. Forget all these photos. Anyway they are couples. It is bad for Caty if she's single. For me it is okay. Many girls also dis playing their body naked.


    Her breasts ,back, chest and all skin are so much nice.


    Its very shameful! Shame on the photographer.


    Even a princess have to learn from her mistake.

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