Chris Brown Probation Hearing Delayed; Community Labor Hours at Issue

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Chris Brown will have to wait to check in with an LA judge regarding how much community service he's done since he beat Rihanna senseless back in 2009.

A court appearance scheduled for yesterday was pushed back a week to allow authorities more time to prepare the controversial singer's probation report.

At issue: The number of hours of community labor - roadside cleanup, graffiti removal, etc. - that Brown's done and details such as where, when and what.


After Brown's previous L.A. court appearance, in February 2011, the judge changed a restraining order regarding Rihanna from "stay away" to "do not annoy."

That means he can be with/near her as much as he wants unless she files a complaint, which she obviously won't. We all saw Rihanna and Chris Brown kiss.

Chris has completed a 52-week domestic violence education program but still must do 180 hours of community service and five years of supervised probation.

He's more than halfway through it, but some people can't or won't forget (not that he does himself any favors) what he did to earn that assault conviction.

A British group recently began slapping warning labels on his most recent release urging shoppers not to buy the discs because "This man beats women."

Like the Parental Advisory stickers, just affixed by average citizens who are not fans of Chris Brown, apparently. That's some serious dedication on their part.

Chris also fielded criticism regarding a new tattoo on his neck, which some claimed was of a beaten Rihanna, but he claims is just Day of the Dead-themed art.


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