Kanye West Sex Tapes: TWO in Existence!

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Looks like the Kanye West sex tape rumor was bogus.

We should have printed Kanye West sex tapes. Plural!

Kim, Ye

Apparently the rapper feels he's some sort of sex god, filming himself with girls more than once in recent years. Double the Kanye sex tape action is currently being shopped around.

The story broke last week - with screen cap! - of Kanye starring in a sex video with a young woman in a hotel room. It turns out there are actually two videos, albeit similar ones.

Similarly long ones. The man has some stamina apparently.

The first Kanye West sex tape (with a Kim Kardashian look-alike, amusingly) is around 20 minutes long. The second is around 40. Yes, four-zero, with constant fornication. No breaks in the action here people.

Both sex tapes were shot several years ago with exes and are currently being shopped to media outlets by a third party. As for how the heck they found their way out of his possession ... don't ask 'Ye.

West has no clue, according to sources cited by TMZ, how the tapes were lifted from his computer, but if anyone releases the footage, he plans to go after the culprit(s) with a legal vengeance.

Kanye's current girlfriend Kim Kardashian rose to fame after her sex tape was released, and Kanye reportedly used to play that tape in the background while he boned chicks.

True love.


Who really cares?


This is what happens when you're apparently rich, good-looking with way too much time on ones hands!
All vanity and no commonsense makes for a rather scandalous life. Wish the best to all involved. Hope this experience will be used as a teaching tool for yezzy to finally pull his head out of his ass and do the right thing for once which is to take responsibility for his tapes getting out into the world the way they did. And he should've done a thorough background check on his then lady friends who participated in the videos .Because I bet my left ass-cheek that one or both his lovers stole the tapes to set him up to get money out of him. Somehow! This smacks of setup.



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