Kanye West on Kim Kardashian Sex Tape: That's My Girl!

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We take it all back about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, all those references about how this is a phony relationship concocted merely for the paparazzi.

Because the singer and reality star are clearly meant for each other. How do we know?

In a new just-released track, Kanye raps about the Kim Kardashian sex tape from 2003... with pride!

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in Soho

TMZ has obtained a copy of West's "Clique," which is off his upcoming album "Cruel Summer" and which includes the lyric:

Eat breakfast at Gucci. My girl a superstar all from a home movie.

In case there was any doubt that this is a reference to Kim's naked exploits with Ray J, consider the title of that work: Kim Kardashian Superstar.

So it looks like Kanye had it wrong. Kardashian is not his perfect bitch. She's his perfect porn bitch. May these two idiots live happily ever after.

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Kim Kardashian Sex Tape is known to be a hard to find one.
You can digg it here: Kim Kardashian Sex Tape (full version)

Kanye West on Kim Kardashian Sex Tape: That's My Girl!
I ain't get no doubt it's the best thing i saw


ppl make me sooo sick when they talk bout ppl who gettin money. as girls some of us HAVE gave it up for less SHE got a NIGGA who upgraded an already "perfect bitch" YES! i would fuk my boyfriend on tape and woud not think he was a lowlife as such he is. thank GOD everyday he still a loser & and I GOT Paiddd!!!!!!


too many divorce or break ups.i wish her all d best.but seriously i dont see her new relationship as d last one, they both look like jokers to me. all d best though.


Kim, Kenya
Don't read JUNK MAIL, focus on each other and the happy memories together your making, you will always share a special love or you will make even more memories together forever, what is meant to be will be, don't let anyone take one second away from you because some ass feels the need to share stupidity
Much love to family,


Seriously...He's proud of her getting banged to become a "superstar"? Shes an over bearing control freak that needs to be slapped into reality! Her sisters are just stringing along this ho-train and raking in the bucks. This whole family needs to just go away!!!


To all those making disguised racist comments - what has colour got to do with anything? Chocolate & vanilla? What's that all about?


I'm no Kardasian fan - any of them, but that anyone who supposedly cared about any one of them could make light of another man basically betraying and then humiliating her is beyond comprehensible to me. Watch out Kim! He's going to turn into another low life, classless Ray J.


I would never want a man calling me his "perfect bitch" or I would be smart and get out of that relationship cuz obviously Kim isn't smart. Bu then again, couples usually are longer lasting if they have a lot in common and they're both stupid so I guess they will last a lot longer then Kim's last marriage!! Lol


OMG these two really need to get off the face of the earth. People are sooooooo sick and tired of hearing about them and their sorted lives. She is the biggest douche bag to ever live, and he is CLASSLESS...WOW what a pair. Hopefully soon, we won't have to ever hear about these morons. ENOUGH ALREADY....Get hitched and leave the country. NOBODY CARES...;..ewwwwww


If you ask me, KK got herself into a nasty situation. This guy is a total asshole and is using her fame (because,whether we like it or not she is very famous,there's bo denying that) to get his back on track. Outside the US no one knew he had a fashion label or cares about his music. But now, thanks to the constant reminder of his gf, we do. Of course he would want to give her clothes and stuff. She's a money making machine for those who can get her to put that pretty face out for them! Hats off to West. He's a dick but found his gold mine.

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