Kanye West on Kim Kardashian: My "Perfect Bitch"

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Kim Kardashian is a bitch. Hey, we didn't say it!

That's how Kanye West has described his large-breasted fake girlfriend, Tweeting confirmation that the track "Perfect Bitch" - which he debuted during a performance in New York City last week - is, indeed, dedicated to this reality star.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in Beverly Hills

Simply put, "I wrote the song Perfect Bitch about Kim," West wrote on his social networking account.

No word yet on when the song will be officially released, but a Kanye insider tells The Daily News its lyrics are "about his search for the perfect woman and how he has now found the 'perfect bitch.'"

That's sweet. We suppose. It seems like Kim's influence will be all over Kanye's new album. Have you seen the cover art for it yet?

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Kanye West on Kim Kardashian: My "Perfect Bitch"
Now tell me it's not real!
Have fun


Hey leave Kim alone we love her so much n Kanye didn't say Kim s a bitch.his refering 2 sumthing else .love u Kimmy


Kim k is one of the most beutiful lady I admire Haters go hang love u kimmy.


All yal people hating on Kim need 2 get a lyf. If yal don't lyk her so much y u even here? Wasting ya lyf woryin bwt wat she getn up2.da way I c it u da #losers!


I love chocolate.


@Sixx - well said, too bad it won't make a dent in the thinking of brainwashed suckers worshiping this publicity whore


Fatima, could you be anymore ghetto. I know kim k and trust me she would not give u the time of day talking like that. I know how she feels about her fans and u would be pretty upset. Im telling u how it is. U should probably start sticking up for something else like your self and your vocabulary. Good luck.


Elizabeth, we do know her. She puts her every move on tv. She post everything she does. She tweets everywhere she goes. Who doesn't know her. U sound as dumb as kim. So what she looks good and??????? She is a idiot. Tell me something she had ever said full of substance??? She wants the whole world to know her every move. Its people like u who keep dumb america alive and kim k rich.


I guess the people who r sticking up for her didn't hear her say how her fans are pathetic and have no lives. She is afraid kris h might give that up in court. She is willing to pay him off so her fans don't find out what a liar she is. I feel bad for her. She is just like her mother kris jenner. A fame Whore. Kris wants to change her last name to kardashion so bad. When bruce jenner was famous it was okay to have his last name.


Im confused. How can u talk about white girls in ur songs and then claim a white girl in real life. Doesn't kim listen to his music? So he likes white girls or he doesn't. What will his fans say? Im sure people have lost respect for kanya. He was a popular artist, now what. He looks like a fool being with her. Just like Lamar. The lakers knocked him out when he associated himself w the k- clan. Is kanya stupid. The only famous one in the family is Bruce Jenner. He actually is famous for something. Does anyone remember that? How many guys did kim screw on her show? Imagine off the show. She is beautiful don't get me wrong. She is also border line fat. She is ugly with in. Rich she is and money is what matters. If she lost her money she would be nothing. She would not be able to handle it. She is weak.