Jessica Simpson Post-Pregnancy Body: Revealed in Fake Photo By Tabloid!!!

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Jessica Simpson will make her national post-pregnancy body reveal on Katie Couric's talk show Monday, but Life & Style has the EXCLUSIVE image already!

It's completely fake, but why let that get in the way of a scoop?

The hilarious cover pic below is clearly not a 2012 image of Jessica Simpson (if that's even her body at all). She's been on lockdown due to her Weight Watchers deal and clearly didn't pose for L&S. Also, it looks NOTHING like she does now.

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss Cover

Jessica Simpson lamented earlier this week about how losing her body has NOT bounced back in the past four months, despite making considerable progress.

Life & Style says she shed 40 pounds of pregnancy weight thanks to breastfeeding, marathon gym sessions and a personalized, no-starve Weight Watchers plan.

Even if that's true, the image above is still fake. The 32-year-old said this week that her iconic boobs are still so tremendously huge, she can't even go jogging.

Not exactly the case for the woman above, is it? Also, here's Jessica's beautiful, but much fuller face in a photo released by Weight Watchers two days ago:

Jessica Simpson Weight Watchers

To be clear, our point is not to disparage Jessica - she's gorgeous no matter what, and losing baby weight is a long process - but to call out the above cover.

Come on guys. Who do you think you're fooling here?

For more recent Jessica Simpson photos, see below:

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Jessica Simpson Butt

I have to laugh at some of you saying, "Give her a break." Nope. This girl is rich and famous because of her looks. She's a celebrity. Maintaining her appearance is her JOB. As long as she demands thousands for appearances, the people who pay her way can say what they want in terms of how she looks. If she wants to be left alone, tell her to quit show business and get a minimum-wage job somewhere in the Midwest.


This young woman has chosen to be honest. I respect her for that! She is beautiful and healthy as is her baby. Lets be real about this issue. The only reason that people even expect her to be in prebaby shape is because she is a celeb. If it were your sister, aunt, friend or niece we would be supportive.
It takes nine months to have a baby and the demands on a body are tremendous. Then to breastfeed adds another taxing and demanding time. Let thia lady be a mom for w while and stop the expectations that she be a skinny suppermodel.


This is not about Kim. It is about how Simpson overindulged and now she is paying the price for it. Too bad for her.


That pic is from about 3 years ago when she was getting bashed for being fat. Can you believe it. The girl can't win


I agree Jessica is beautiful no matter what. Its hard to lose that baby weight. And breastfeeding makes you feel like you are always starving. My first child at 19,gained 25lbs, weight was gone almost immediately. Second at 29, gained 35lbs,not so much. Kept that last 10lbs until i stopped breastfeeding after a year. She gained about 70lbs. Give the girl time and stop making up pictures to make her feel bad.


For Chrissakes, give the girl a break....she's said she ate what she wanted during the pregnancy. She'll get back in good shape. Why don't you go hop on Kim K? She's not preggers or been preggers but her ass is HUGE & now her face, thighs & gut is FAT!

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