Jessica Simpson on Post-Baby Body: Not Bouncing Back!

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Jessica Simpson gained A LOT of weight while pregnant with Maxwell Drew.

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    That is a very cute baby all babies look like lil old men when theyre born n i know cuz i had three gorgeous babies. Her lips r beautiful big beautiful eyes n a cute lil face i garauntee u will all be eating ur words while this lil one grows into its looks n is gorgeous youll be praying ur child is as cute as theirs. N jess ur bodies just perfect ur a happy wife n mom dont even worry about the haters what people think about u if its bad its non of ur business just shake em off! Congrats.


    The sad thing is women beating up on women...C'mon ppl...we don't complain about how weighty a MAN is on tv! Lets support each other, not pull each other down...Us women are our own worst enemy!


    I think you are way off....Poor lil' thing? You say that like you have pity for the sad. You are the one I pity because you are trying to force your opinion on other people.That just doesn't work.


    As I was saying mind your own business and hopefully you will not reproduce pr they may inherit your stupidity and another thing this is not about you so whatever! Go screw yourself.


    Sam why don't you also shutup because jaundice has zero to do with how cute a baby is. They just temporarily have yellow tinged skin so if you would use a baby being sick to judge whether or not they are cute or lighting then you are really a big stupid jerk so mind your own bus


    That is YOUR opinion and you do not decide who can reproduce or not. So go crawl back under your rock.


    Seriously people, not all babies look like little angels. I've seen some funny looking babies before, and this poor lil' one is far from ugly. You have to consider the age of the baby, what the baby is doing at the time, the lighting, whether or not baby has jaundice, etc. So for all you people who say this baby is ugly, maybe YOU are the one's who shouldn't reproduce--your kids might end up with UGLY ATTITUDES and BAD MANNERS just like you.


    I agree with hahaha! Why don't you mind your own business and learn how to spell and use good grammar?! You are pathetically trying to change someone else's opinions. Focus more on minding your own business as you should have done in the first place. You will be better off. The world does not stop if someone does not share your opinions.


    You are not even worth it so this is the last time I will reply to you. My opinion is my own opinion and none of your business.Go back to school and this time pay attention to proper grammar and how to spell and my opinion remains the same.There are definitely ugly babies out there. Since when is You's a real word? You sound like a real smart person hahaha! You are f****ing stupid!! I did not say anything about your kid so shut the F***up! If you are an adult you should be ashamed of your stupidity and I don't care what YOU say, stupid!


    @hahaha. And the rest of you haters...Maybe you should look at yourselfs before jugding someone you dont even f*cking know. Grow the f*ck up... And i say there is not one ugly baby in this world and that you should be ashamed to say that crap about her baby.. and i think my english is fine thanx maybe you need to learn how to read @hahaha... Why this hollywood gossip would let such people say nasty things is wrong.... Yous are not worth the worry and i dont give a damm what you's say.... Oh one last thing why dont you mind your own business... :-)

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