Chris Brown and Rihanna KISS at VMAs!

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Chris Brown and Rihanna totally kissed at last night's MTV VMAs. No joke.

Was it just a simple greeting between friends (on the lips)? Was it more?

You tell us after you watch and read into it for yourself right here:

At some point during tonight's 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, Rih was walking through the crowd and planted one on Breezy, her former boyfriend.

Here's a close-up of the kiss, along with Rihanna's collaborator A$AP Rocky playing a little grab-ass with her (that dress was really something else):

Rihanna-Chris Brown VMA Kiss
Rihanna, A$AP Rocky

Her former boyfriend who beat her senseless, but who she openly said (to Oprah Winfrey, through tears nonetheless) is still the love of her life.

Rihanna says she and Chris have rebuilt their friendship and that she still loves him, yet acknowledges he's in a relationship (with Karrueche Tran).

Just the same, this exchange (whatever it was) is sure to inspire more of the mass head-shaking, sighs and backlash she received after her Oprah sit-down.

What do you think: Should Rihanna and Chris get back together?

On an unrelated note, check out Rihanna's VMA performance below ...


yall really need to shut the H** up cause they dont make a good couple I wish yall would get that through yall thick head if you got one!!!!


They are so perfect for each other, they shld rily get back together. Rihanna nd Chris brown make a cute couple.


yes they should. everyone needs to be forgiven. and anyway, who's business is it.. they live for themselves and not the public.


yes....they shohld,so haters ya beta get use 2 it hahaha(luvbirds)


Chris & Rihanna are a great match


Dia is nothing wrong in Rihana reconciliation with chris brown because she says chris is the love of her life,she have to forgive him because no one is perfect.


As the public, we really do not know why their relationship escalated violently. If they want to become a couple again then they are going to need therapy and it should not be rushed. You can tell that they must have been each other's first loves, but that doesn't mean they should necessarily get back together, maybe they should just remain friends and then see where that takes them. It almost seems disrespectful to me what she did at the VMA's, given their history. Chris Brown is currently in a relationship, so he needs to respect what he has or leave it in a respectful way. I am not saying that they never should get back together, but it certainly does not need to be rushed. -Nea


U With chris, can make a nice couple ever. that will make history in many sector like music and family.


Let CB be, why do u hate Chris so bad? He a mistake so what? They say if you do something bad once it's a mistake but if repit it then it's not a mistake. Chris did it once so it was a mistake so let dem be togather.


mannn fuck all lat he should not go back with ha she gon mess up his life again i feel y put him thew all lat then want him back cuz he sexy gurl nahh and first of all they didnt even kiss on the lips stupid ppl it was ha face web ppl too mess live yah live chis you got to much comeing for you to be going back down that road fuck ha she dont know who she want i thought it was drake lawdd i cant stand ha yess i said itt

@ kyia

h*ll yeah i no that is right she made him go through all that mess and now she trying to go back with him. F*CK THAT B*TCH! HE WOULD OF BEEN BETTER OFF WITH KARRAUCHE. IF HE GO BACK OUT WITH RIANNAH ALL HELL GONE BREAK LOOSE!!!!SHIT GNE HIT THE FANN YALL BETTER BE WATCHING OUT!!!!

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