Chad Johnson Gets Evelyn Lozada Tattoo; Basketball Wives Star Tells Him to Get Help on Nightline

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Safe to say Chad Johnson missed Evelyn Lozada's interview on Nightline.

The Basketball Wives star told ABC she hasn't spoken to her hubs since the "humiliating" incident in which Chad head-butted her, and probably won't again.

“I would like for him to tell me he got help and that he’s working on himself,” said Evelyn, adding that her husband "made a bad choice that destroyed his life."

Ocho, meanwhile, just got a new tattoo of Evelyn's FACE on his leg:

Chad Johnson Evelyn Lozada Tattoo

Fans, not surprisingly, were a bit confused as to why Chad would get the tattoo, given the fact that Evelyn filed for divorce after six weeks of marriage.

The former Miami Dolphin was not happy with the Twitter inquiries.

When @TeeSplash101 wrote "I really want to know why @ochocinco tatted Evelyn's face on his leg post divorce," Chad responded "Divorce? Child please... that's my WIFE."

Then, after @CCHx3REH asked "I thought she filed for divorce tho?", Johnson replied "I dont give a flying pretzel in skittle rainbow hell what she filed for..."

Chad Johnson, everybody. Here's Ev's interview on Nightline:

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He should have never touched her. He also isn't smart. Look at her background. When her ex had problems she bailed on him too. So Chad is the one that made two mistakes in this one. She was doing nothing but using him like he was using her. All this reality TV is killing us as people because all they can show us is how to act crazy. If you want to show me someithing show me how to get some money through hard work and dedication.


I feel that a real wonem would NOT let her man that loves her cheat on her an headbutt day they will have children.. and to allow her children to grow and and see all the bs these two go through would be bad for any child to endure...No one has the right to put their hands on one another man or women..keep walken Ev with you head up high..better now then 2 yrs from now or even a few children later..and as for chad its a desperate move to try and win back a bad sitaution..chad you cheated on ur wife someone you vowed to love and be fateful to....when is america going to wake up and take vows serously..I would run if I were evelyn and not look back...aqs for chad..he will find someone new to cheat on and beat on again when he gets caught doing the same ole thing again..chad jsut stop cheaing or don't be married....and evelyn stay away from chad.....


Ev, girl, if i were you....i will give my husband a 2nd chance... He adimitted that he made his bad hard. You right, he definitely has to go to counseling. He got ur face tatoo on him leg, thats his way of begging. If i were you he have to beg HARDEEEER, TRIPS, GIFTS, JEWELRY, MONEY. Never give a 3rd chance. good luck....remember he has to be inspriring, and motivated in counseling...he has to really sell hisself


They to old to keep puttn ppl in their business. Ev, u got ur ass whop and u do a interview all on t.v. For wat? U made Chad beat ur ass wit that mouth of urs. Grow up.


Well said Regina


So he will sleep with other women just after getting married, headbutt his wife then get a tattoo of her?!?! Does he think that proves he loves her? He is sick. I don't like her either but what would make anyone do that after the fact? IDIOT!


Child please (laughing), Chad go to the store, buy flowers, teddy bear, chocolate, wine,jewelry maybe a bracelt, lingerie, two new swin suits and two plane tickets for a get-a-way to somewhere she's never been and go to NYC and get her. When she answers the hotel-room door say "hi lady, I came to pick up my wife please to ask her to forgive me for all the bad things I have done and to show her just how much I love her if you don't mind ma'am". Trust us she will laugh and even if she doesn't accept right then don't you give up. Be persistent once it's genuine and real eventually she'll give in to you.


I am so, so sorry that you feel this way Sherangle but he truly loves her that's why he freaked out when she said she was leaving. And guess what else Sherangle? we are going home to him, but first we must go house shopping in the NYC and purchase a house for mom @wildsy for being such a wonderful and supportive mother (laughing).


he doesn't give a flying pretzel in skittle rainbow hell... me either hahaha ... poor guy


This tooooo funny!!! Although, I am really disaponted with Chad and this latest adventure. All I waant to know is "What brand of crack are you smokin Chad?" Like I said.........This is tooooo funny!!!!

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