Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson: It's OVER!

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Evelyn Lozada has filed to divorce Chad Johnson, not even six weeks after they got married. She filed legal documents just moments ago in Florida.

Caiming her marriage is "irretrievably broken," Evelyn was clearly motivated by the fight this weekend that led to her man's domestic violence arrest.

Even before the fight went nuclear - he's accused of head-butting her (listen to the Chad Johnson 911 call here) - the union was on shaky ground.

Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco Photo

Lozada allegedly found a receipt for condoms in the duo's car and flew off the handle, resulting in an altercation that landed the football player behind bars.

There was no coming to his defense afterward, either. Instead, Evelyn Lozada ripped him in the media for not taking responsibility for his actions.

According to the divorce documents, the couple had a prenuptial agreement in place. Good thing for Johnson, as he's also out of an NFL job now.

Evelyn and Chad got married in St. Maarten in July 4, with the wedding filmed for their VH1 reality show ... which was canceled before it even aired.

The only person with reason to smile now? Kim Kardashian. Compared to Ev & Ocho, her marriage looks like a long-lasting, non-violent success.

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Do what makes u happy but remember hoow much violence u displayed on the show I love ur style but through thich and thin eve fuck the media if u love him and not his fame or money and it seems he has neither dnt walk away from ur man he made a huge mistake he loves u and I thought u loved him I'm married have been been for a decade its a battle but fortunetlythe media wasn't in our business follow ur heart if u truly have one for him he fucked up as we all do dnt walk away


Evilyn Lownada you are just a gold digging HO! You had ALOT of nerve for getting mad at Jennifer for saying Chad is a fame whore when YOU are the one seeking fame! What kind of trick goes on national tv and tells her man he can fuck around??? What you said is 10x worse! You clearly have mental issues and are so selfish you don't care about the embarrassment you cause to your family!


Eve I love you in basketball wives...Continue to take NO shit from any man....I did not like the way he kept saying you are not all that....Prove the woman beater wrong....Go get laid girlfriend hopefully one of his best friends...Because sister the way you look with your bad ass fucking self you can get ANYONE you desire.... I never would have choose him for you cause he fell to easy for the ugly bitch he fell for on dancing with the stars....Please dont take him back....He is not worthy of your beautiful ass.


That's right Eve we ain't living no LIE we have enough people in the world alreay doing that.


Evelyn is 40 yrs. old, she should have seen the warning signs.


@Renee It's people like you who hide behind a keyboard but wouldn't dare say a word to a black man or a black woman. It's sad that you are filled with hate and envy; I pray that one day you be set free because it has to be a miserable place.


Puerto Ricans & whites will only marry Blk men when they
have money$. They wouldn't look at these men if they were working a 9-5 job. No one should be abuse but Ev is reaping what she sowed. Chad is going to use the BBW episodes of Ev slapping, throwing bottles, hitting, & jumping off of a table to show how Ev is violent...way to go Ev.
Chad told Ev how things were going to play out. Red flags everwhere! Chad is a whoremonger and will ALWAYS be one! Ev he didn't want you but I honestly believe he wanted your daughter. Look at the episode again where he tells her that she is pretty...a skin crawler...!!!


Chad Johnson' Wife Evelyn Lozada files for Divorce Document Papers Revealed HERE Click to See Document


Renee you studip bitch just cuz black people have nappy hair what right do you have I'm black with good as hair you stupid bitch


I know she couldn't wait for him to hit her after she got those papers. Now she can get money for it.She's all about getting paid.

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