Amanda Bynes Fights Photographer, Doesn't Like the Way She Looked in That First Pic

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Amanda Bynes' bizarre behavior continued this week as the embattled former teen star got into a scuffle with a paparazzo ... and it's a lot weirder than you think.

The tussle caught on tape by ET as Bynes was down Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, shielding her face from being photographed. That part was pretty standard.

Then she strangely came over, Amanda she didn't like the way she looked, and tried to reason with the guy, flattering him into deleting the first photo of her.

Amanda then agreed to pose for a new set of photos, yet things turned even uglier after that, and a struggle over control of the camera apparently ensued.

The melee shows the camera, still rolling, flying every which way as the celebrity gossip photographer yelling at the embattled actress to give him back the camera.

He asserts that the star hurt him; Bynes calmly responds, "I didn't touch you."

Bynes' downward spiral has been well-documented of late. The star has been arrested for DUI, accused to two hit-and-runs and had her license suspended.

It's not just traffic accidents that have plagued her in the last six months. Amanda's odd behavior has included driving around aimlessly smoking out of a pipe.

Bynes has pleaded not guilty to the DUI charges, and has publicly refuted that she has a problem, saying she's doing AMAZING lately. No one is buying this.


This spoiled brat needs a good beating!!!


That paparazzo got off easy...this time. It could have been even worse. He could have been confronted by Alec Baldwin...LOL!!!!!


If I was constantly followed by strangers and cameras in my face, I'd snap too. This isn't even bad, this is "please for the love of god get out of my face or at least take a good picture of me"


She's just another messed-up child star in a whole sea of messed-up child stars out there. Way to ruin your careers, children.


I think it's very sad that this sweet kid has joined the ranks of child stars gone awry she needs help much like Brittany did not criticisim


Did anyone else think that she looked a lot like Lindsay Lohan? (Hair, make up etc.)


Notice Spears, Lohan, Bynes and the rest are mostly the same age? How did these girls get so f__kd up? The pipe, the mirror, the vjj, the cck, the water, the parents? Hell I don't know


That sound soooooooooo fake and set up. That guy needs acting classes. NEXT!


you people are as crazy as her,,,,"I need to look beautiful" is nuts


These photographers are such blatant liars. I'm not condoning Amanda's recent behavior because she does need help, but in this instance, the photographer's claims are all phony. This is how they operate. They are looking for the good-money picture and they won't stop until they get it. They don't care how it affects the "star"; in fact, the worse, the better for the next sting. HE should be jailed for harassment and defamation of character.

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