Lindsay Lohan Hit-and-Run: Caught on Tape!

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Lindsay Lohan was arrested early Wednesday morning for leaving the scene of an accident after she allegedly hit a bystander with her car while pulling into a hotel.

Details have been tough to pin down, but the NYPD has now released the surveillance video from Manhattan's Dream Hotel, and it's ... totally unclear what happened.

Take a look below and see ... you can't see a whole lot:

Around 10 seconds in, you'll see LiLo's car start to turn into the parking garage. People are hanging out in front of it, and a man nears Lindsay's car as she pulls in.

The hotel video has been slowed down, but it's clear Lindsay was driving pretty slowly, and even stopped altogether before she eventually made her way inside.

Finally, the accuser who claims Lohan swiped him can be seen chasing after her after the "hit" ... which he claims landed him in the hospital with tendon damage.

Lindsay Lohan is a moron who shouldn't be driving, however we already know the guy lied about her being drunk, and this certainly doesn't help his claim one bit.

The actress needs to 1. hire a driver and 2. stop whining about Amanda Bynes, but she appears to be the target of some trumped up claims by an opportunist here.

Expect this case to be dismissed. Don't expect her to learn from it.

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