Amanda Bynes: Smoking Out of Drug Pipe, Driving Around Aimlessly With Suspended License!

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Amanda Bynes was driving aimlessly for hours earlier this week, smoking out of what appears to be a drug pipe. With a suspended license no less!

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    Amanda, we did not become addicts &
    Alcoholics overnight, so easy does it. Bro:Dwayne L. Lacey -
    Kenwood United Church of Christ
    Free - N - One --- Road 2 Recovery
    Chicago, Illinois


    Weed, “”ITS JUST ONLY WEED”....are you kidding!!!!! ‘JUST WEED’ leads to paranoia schizophrenia.....drug use, consistant drug use can be a sign of a PERSONALITY DISORDER!!! Don’t dismiss the DANGERS of “just WEED!!!"


    Most of you have drank a glass of wine, a beer or a drink and drove...
    YOU Just did not get caught.....Most of you may smoked a joint too at sometime in your life.....Don't start in on her....


    It's only weed, calm down ppl. I could see if she were smoking crack, but it's only weed!


    ...somebody help her to wake up to her problem... she is a mess... another child star gone loco...


    I'm 10yrs. SOBER and i hope this young lady,will get some help before she hurts herself or hurts someone.


    Hey Amanda, you need to escape for a while. Come to Amsterdam and I will help you get outta shit.


    Isn't it obvious that this poor girl suffers from Bi polar disorder. Or at least a variation of it and needs help ASAP before she ends up killing herself and someone else. By the way, where are her parents? I know that she's an adult kind of but shouldn't her parents intervene on this one? Or are they responsible for her current situation. Something to think about. Another tragic child star circling the drain how sad I wish her well.


    I sad. We love to let these young people entertain us as kids. But then seem to be surprised when they have trouble coping as adults. I think that any child star should be required to have a weekly counselor to check in to and monitor their emotional healthy. This little girl is so talented and now seems to be floundering and we seem to all be so quick to throw her under the bus rather than care what happens to her. Good for those of you who pray for her and aren't laughing at her pain!
    My goodness, this world needs to grow some compassion and maybe a heart!


    People always assume that taking drugs is the whole problem and if that were to stop, problem solved. What they don't seem to realise is that people take drugs because not only can they be fun, but the drugs can help them through a period of their life which otherwise would have been almost unbearable. Self-medication is a better option than suicide. People stop taking drugs when they feel the time is right. Everyone else needs to back off and give them space.

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