Teresa Giudice to (Imaginary?) Fans: Thank You!

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Teresa Giudice would like to thank her fans for their recent show of support.

And THG would like to ask: Who are Teresa Giudice's fans?!?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member continues to be embroiled in a feud with Caroline Manzo - which stems from Teresa comparing Caroline's Italian authenticity to that of the Olive Garden in her cookbook - and, in the wake of Manzo once again lashing out, has taken to Twitter to write:

"Thanks for watching the show everyone. Thanks again for the support."

Teresa Giudice and Her Book

Giudice has referred to Caroline as a "very angry person" and WENT OFF on her during the last episode, slamming Manzo as "a f--king c--nt [who] can go f--k herself."

You can fill in those blanks. And then you can response: Whose side are you on in this feud?


@TJR Teresa does have a degree from Berkeley and worked as a buyer for Macy's before she had children. I was certainly no fan of Teresa's in Season 1 and Season 2. I believe the last two seasons the others, especially Caroline, came off as liars and morons. Let us all remember it is a heavily edited and I believe somewhat scripted program.


a hypocrite u are. Why aren't u trying to bring Dina and Caroline together???? Family, you don't care so long as the attention stays on you. And to Dina how sad, how very very sad you choose a crazy ass person like Teresa over yr own sisiter. I cannot believe why anyone would support Teresas books or her ugly drink. She is jumped on Bethanys ideas and ran with it. To Jaceline move on get as far away from Teresa as possible and u need to step up and support yr sister in law Caroline. To Kathy, yr awesome and I would buy yr cookbooks any day. Oh yeah any moran would not take offense


@MomaJackie - How can you be educated and be a fan of hers? She is a moron. She has no education at all and she is a liar. Is that what you are a fan of? Maybe the others on the show are not so great... but anything is better then a liar and a moron to trys to come off like she knows it all and is perfect.


Who are Teresa Giudice's fans?!? I am a Teresa Giudice fan. I am an educated professional, mother of four. I dislike a bully and that is what Caroline has appeared to be these past two seasons. My daughter, also an educated professional, is also a fan. So are many of my friends and neighbors. We get together on Sunday evenings, cook/grill dinner and settle in and watch the real housewives. We are indeed "real" and we are loyal.


They are both horrible people pure media whores! Caroline would like to claim she is not for drama and will get shit out of her life but why does her own sister Dina have a different opinion?? And as for teresa she's just messed up! Her brother is the best person on the show sticking up for her like he did an melissa! But she would never have that same loyalty towards them, but there is also the incident of joe cheating on tre I think she has tried everything to try an keep him! Even selling stories to make her hubby some money so he would show her some attention but losers have got to go! :)


Caroline is mainlining her own hype and it's turning her into an awful person. Nothing they've shown has spelled out why they're so pissed and why Caroline is being such an ass. She just comes off as a pissed off bully. No thank you.


Did anyone catch it when her husband made the claim that she sells more magazine covers than ANY OTHER CELEBRITY?!! Just goes to show you how delusional they are.


Sorry but Theresa is a loser time and time again,go to jail with ur loser husband,Joe!!!!!!!!! Hope the best for the kids,loser's!!!


why do you think New Jesey is so fruitfull to people?


Actually, Tre did NOT go off on Caroline saying those things. She left the room and said those things about Caroline to Joe. She can't even say those things to Caroline's face! What a coward, loser, liar, psycho...I could go on for days. I'm Team Anyone But Teresa!

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