The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Hot Tub of Sour Grapes

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey's California vacation finally came to an end and it was all "Hot Tub of Sour Grapes" as Caroline and Teresa went at it.

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    everyone grow up, this is only a show. These women need to stop airing dirty laundry on t.v. The last laugh will be on them.


    Caroline and her whole family including jaqulines husband love drama there so quick to bitch if teresas on a magaziene but ive seen them on covers many times there just jealous bcuz it duznt surround carolines family anymore and her kids are grown so theres no point in her being on the show if shes not starting drama there bully bitches and albies gay


    I had given up on the ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ after the third season. I got sucked back in after my co-worker from Dish kept telling me about all the new drama this season. I’m now back in the mix with this train wreck of a show, and since my work schedule changed recently I have to set my Hopper to record the new episodes. I’m not worried about how much space this show may take up since Bravo likes to stretch out the reunion to two or three episodes. I have over 2,000 hours of recording space, so I’m ready for Bravo to bring on the reunions and “never before seen” episodes.


    she conspired to hide income from the bankruptcy court to the tune of 250,000 dollars.They forged loan documents to steal 1 million dollars from a business partner. It just goes on and on. I ran out of space on my previouscomment.
    Oh, Andy Cohen. Shame on you for programming this cruel, dirty crap. So I guess It makes you Teresa's equal. Your motives are identical.
    On the other hand, my dark side loves to watch these morons humiliate themselves and never know it. Ah yes, schadenfreudde.


    I think Caroline is coming off as really petty because she can't go after Teresa for what's really bothering her. Teresa started a fight on their trip to the Dominican republic (Punta Cana) with a Chicago police officer and his family and the manzo boys and joe jumped in. They were all arrested and bravo had to bail them out. Supposedly they were all put under some gag order because it is still in litigation. So Caroline can't say what she is really mad about. And at this time Jacqueline was dealing with her sons diagnosis with autism so she doesn't care about all of this stupidity.


    Caroline needs to quit holding on to this anger and grow the hell up. Get over it! The woman isn't perfect, obviously if her own sister Dina hasnt spoken to you in over a year. Caroline acts like she is all about being Italian and being the bigger person and all about respect, but she is none of that. I'm not saying Theresa is perfect, cause we all know she isn't and not the brightest, but Caroline takes everything the wrong way with Theresa. I love Caroline in the beginning, but now can't stand her and shocking like theresa


    @Morningstar, I'm with u with all but saying that Carolyn is old, I am older than she, and I think she is a big blowhard. read my post about 4 or so following yours. Even her own sister Dina can't stand her, it will be interesting if she returns next season. Carolyn is yet to say what exactly Teresa said about her to get her so P O. I don't like that Kathy either, she's like a zombie, she was scary looking last night with her bulging eyes.


    Kathy to me appears so saintly, she is a boring person only good at causing trouble. They all had a good trip, why would Kathy bring crap up just two feet away from Carolyn. I think Kathy was pissed off because Teresa didn't include her in the toast. I use to like Carolyn, now not so much. If you watched her with Andy following the episode, she talks with a smirk on her face. She talks as if she is smarter and her word should be the last. Then her fat daughter who's getting fatter all the time, puts in her two cents, who cares what she thinks. She's a loser, just not of weight.... Teresa is not perfect but gang banged all the time? Good for Jacqueline for pretending to sleep it off. Melissa showed a lot of class last nite too.


    Great recap. Totally agree with everything. Teresa is a horrible, disgusting person just like Caroline said. Team Caroline


    Excuse me,Really? Are these people calling Teresa,stupid?Have any of you people out there done what she has done?
    NOOOO!!!She is unliked by most women fans,they also,are jealous,of Teresa.Have a,poll.and have just men vote!

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