Report: Parents of Honey Boo Boo Investigated for Child Abuse

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According to a new report in The National Enquirer, the parents of Honey Boo Boo aren't just groan-worthy reality stars.

There was a time when they were considered law-breaking child abusers.

The tabloid claims that the Thompsons were visited by the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services in March, not long after a Toddler & Tiaras clip (below) aired of June Thompson giving her child "Go Go Juice" and roadkill for dinner.

A source tells the magazine that authorities made the unannounced visit and "found reason to bring the case to court." But a "court-appointed attorney" for the family somehow convinced the judge to "throw it out."

Now, of course, the Thompsons star on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, which premiered last week to 2.2 million viewers.

Through just three episodes, the six-year old star has gone mud belly flop diving... adopted a pet pig named Glitzy... attended local food auctions with her mom... and helped June purchase more than a dozen packets of chocolate milk powder during a single supermarket visit, thanks to Extreme Couponing.

Can someone please call Family and Children Services again?

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I love love love that people are standing up for these guys!!!! They are great parents!!!! They act how they normally act!!! If your going to be rude about these guys, what about the 1,000 families on trading spouses or wife swap?! Those parents are scary to he kids!!! Far worse hen this LOVING family!!!!!


nell ultima imainmge c il buon richard in versione zombie quanti ricordi povero richard dopo 10 anni e + ancora ridotto cos ,cmq sembra che gli eventi siano quantomeno simili a re 2 che nn sarebbe un male nn escludo a priori d prenderlo ma nn sono affatto contento che sia su binari,anche io preferivo il rebirth del 2 e nn con grafica ps2,vero wesker? se possono fare questa d grafica perch accontentarsi di quella ps2,direi basta rotaie e basta ps2ps ma densha de go che ha ragion d essere su binari nn lo fanno pal solo ntsc?


they are all swine!!!! (sorry--i didn't mean to insult piggies!!!!) these people(?) are all strange and you all know how that goes in the south. i wonder who the father of the daughters kid is? better keep an eye on daddy!!!! GOOD GREIF--ANYBODY SEE "DELIVERANCE"???? very scarey. get those kids out of that house.......


I love this little girl. Just because they are different does not make them bad parents. If it is child abuse to spend time with your children then these people are bad!!!!!!!!!! Watch the little rich kids on the pagent circuit and I think you will see much abuse! This little girl just wants to be a princess and her family is supporting her. They think she is beautiful and I love that. Shame on judgemental hippocrits!


LOVE LOVE LOVE, This little sweetheart. Her family loves her, and
she is one happy little girl. A welcome change from the spoiled little rich kids and those fake reality shows with grown women showing their bellys. You Go girl.


Either watch the show or change the channel. Feeding the child road kill meat is not going to kill her, the mother does things with her kids, which is the simple things in life that brings them pleasure. I was born dirt poor, we ate whatever my family could get their hands on and we played simple games and homemade fun, now I have a masters degree, and appreciate it much more because of where I came from.


I'm going to have to catch one episode and see what I'm missing, or not missing...


From having watched Toddlers and Tiaras and seen the "upper class" girls who look like they're miserable and HATE their parents, Honey Boo Boo Alana is a breath of fresh air. And I also think sometimes she loses out at the pagent level because of the snobbery from the Kardashian style "princesses" and judges with their noses in the air. I'm not saying the family is right in all the ways they go about raising Alana, but there seems to be a basic love among them and a "down home" caring quality that city people just don't "get". I hope whatever financial benefits flow to the family from the show that they put it to good use and can have a better life....whatever "better" means. For me, it doesn't mean Kardashian style brathood, it means a leg up and having some opportunities. Kudos to June for having the guts to even enter into a higher world that maybe isn't quite ready for her and Alana.


I have seen a couple of episodes and I can tell this girl is definitely not abused. She enjoys being in a pageant and in one episode I saw her encouraging some of her competitors. I agree Alana's mom should not be giving her the juice but she is a loving mother who loves all her 4 kids. These people are not refined but they are not stupid. And how can you not like a child who when questioned if she knew who Elvis was answers "They are Santa's helpers" mistaking them for "Elves". To me this is a great reality show much better than the Jersey Shore or the Kardashian show.


Gosh that go go juice is so bad for her :( she's too young for that, her little heart is gonna be damaged by the time she's 15, poor little girl, her parents are clueless & kinda stupid, they dont know what kind of damage they're doing to her