Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Premieres to Huge Ratings, Apocalypse Nears

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It's disturbing but official: America loves Honey Boo Boo.

Or maybe America just loves to scoff at her antics. Or maybe America will be so turned off by the premiere of her family's reality show that next week's ratings plummet.

For one night, however, this six-year and her outgoing family ruled the dial, with Wednesday's opening two episodes of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo garnering 2.2 million viewers, making the show number-one on ad-supported cable in its time slot among among women of almost all ages.

Relive the installment now via these Honey Boo Boo quotes and sound off: Were you horrified or entertained by the premiere?

What do you think of the Thompsons?


- He's such a crack up. He was quite the entertainer drinug Thanksgiving. Just thinking about him chowing down on the mini-muffins with his sneaky little grin makes me smile!December 5, 2007 10:13 AM


they all support each other. Sure they may be odd but they seem to have a good bond & good times.


Lol I meant @ Alexis not June. :)


@June.... I agree. That dad works 7 days a week and still u see him at the pageants helping and spending time with his kids. I can tell the mom really loves her girls and she also spends all her time with them. Like u said they are rough around the edges but this family isnt on drugs or fighting or being mean to their kids so I just don't really have a problem with them.


Cont-And have a very impressive stockpile.All the kids seem happy and the family does love each other. June,the mom,would rather spend $ on a pageant than food, so she goes to a food auction and also gets calls from the sheriffs dept whenever theres any roadkill-deer-on the road and they go pick it up, butcher and freeze it and it usually lasts them 4 a month. So, some may not like Junes rough personality or mannerisms...whatever. As good as the show did, they will probablt be a 2nd season. I like the show and HBB is a riot and all the ppl out there calling her names and saying u hate her...GROW UP! Take a look at yourself and figure out why u would pick on an innocent 6 yr old. Its jealousy or a lack of attention, 4 sure! Pick on June all u want..cause she doesnt care and she could kick your a$$! :) It takes a very low person to take their inner problems out on a little girl. U rock, HBB!! Keep it up. The haters are making u famous!!! Get that $!


Ugh just by watching the commercials on this show is making me sick!! These seem like the kind of people that would get on my freaking nerves!


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