Honey Boo Boo and her family go extreme couponing in this clip from their nauseating reality show. Sit back and try to enjoy now.

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just what is so nauseating about their reality show? At least they seem to care about their daughter and her happiness which is more then I can say for many of the so called "child beauty" contestants. And the mother seems to work pretty hard to make sure her kids have food and other things even though they are poor. And she's not too dumb...after all they are making money off the TV. And maybe they don't care what others think.


each person has a right to their oionpin so calm down. i agree with both sides' of this matter, in that the people that use coupons sometimes do have to because they don't have a choice. i use them, and it's just me and my husband and i really don't have' too. so, the people that that CAN, should in turn donate a portion because there are so many people that do really need' help in this terrible state of our economy. remember the Do unto Others mantra?


Do these discusting people even have a clue that they are only put on tv to be made fun of? She is so obnoxious and lazy. Not to mention D-U-M-B!!! Good grief woman, get a calculator!

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