Miley Cyrus Makes Out with a Girl!

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Late last week, Evan Rachel Wood got in a bit of trouble for joking that Miley Cyrus was gay.

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    Hi. I don't really like your new hairstyle bu it doesn't matter how people look does.


    ENOUGH! Holy hell! Everyone has an opinion and is trying to make everyone else believe it. Ok one, the girl had her own fame, two, personally I don't think she's ready to get married Hannah Montana didn't end that long ago theres bound to be plenty of high school left in her, three, is any of my or anyone's FUCKING BUSINESS? HELL NO!, four, attention seeking yes whore no... when you're famous ya get that is else you wouldn't be famous.


    que corte esta hermosa te admiro eres impresionable
    eres como un ejemplo para mi me inspiras como lo
    que eres una gran cantante chaoooooooooooooo


    I think her hair is cute :) its her hair anyways she can do whatever the fuck she wants so dont go judging her saying shes now gone gay or punk just by her bold fashion move :)


    leve mley alone she is her own person maby not in the past but leeve the girl alone


    People need to get off her fuckin back. She had BEEN famous before Liam got into the hunger games. And she's a trashy attention seeking whore? I dont think so. She's famous so of corse she's gonna be getting attention. She is an adult if she wants to cut all her hair off and go punk rock style who gives a fuck! She still rocks it! Everybody just stop hatin on the girl y'all don't even know her or what she has to deal with on a daily basis. I'm out.


    now miley cyrus is not a gay before she was


    My Dear Miley. I love your hair. Please, be careful about what kind af attention you get. Do something w/your career sinning/ acting if not then just go away. The attention that you get from anything else isn't worth the pain & shame it brings to you & your family. Go to college. DO somethin posiitive. Anything else is sad and discredits you & your family. Remember, that ole saying if Lindsay & everyone jumped off a cliff. Doesn't mean you should.


    WOW---It's always so much easier to try and break down someone else,huh? I look on here at any given time(even as long as I've had to be away)and more times than not,I only get to see---the negative...Some actually try to help(and many thanks to those)but mainly demeaning,slur-slinging,look-down-your-nose-at-someone,bunch of gloomy,nothings,who(I might add)haven't done even a 10th of the good for the world that Miley has,if they combined all of their time together...But then---that is the way of negative people. They never really do anything worth mentioning---'Cause they're to busy trying to tear down those who do...
    Miley: Live your life,kitten. It is definitely yours to live. Just make sure when you do things---that the consequences afterwards are worth living with,hear? Have a good time,doll...Later;Hollywood---out.


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