Evan Rachel Wood Clarifies Miley Cyrus Gay Joke

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Evan Rachel Wood really wishes the world would take a collective chill pill.

In reaction to Miley Cyrus' new haircut (perhaps you've heard a thing or two dozen about it?), the actress joked around on Twitter and wrote: "I called it! Miley Cyrus is leaning toward gay."

Wood, a known bisexual, then deleted the message after receiving some backlash and posted the following explanation.

Evan Rachel Wood Photograph
Miley Cyrus with Short Hair

"Ok. To be clear. I believe you should be able to joke and have a sense of humor about everything. And i hate explaining, but just to be clear, i dont judge people on how they look. Nor do i associate a hair style with sexuality. I myself am bisexual and have always 'joked' about miley giving me gay vibes. Not a bad thing! Just an observation.

So i 'joked' when she cut her hair that it supported my case. But, i am not so close minded or into stereotypes or labeling. It was a joke. Period. could care less what gender she was attracted to. But dont hate me for supporting her in whatever She chooses. Its all fine by me. That is all."

It seems fine by Cyrus, too. She replied to Wood and simply wrote: "well said! Let's be friends."

Everyone can relax now.


Well I am still Miley's biggest fan


Miley looks stupid with her new haircut her hair was so pretty


I remember the first role I saw Evan Rachel Wood in, something Carolina. I always thought her competition was Kristen Stewart.I only say that because I believe they are around the same age and have extremely similar looks. Both young woman are amazing actors, but I just feel Evan Rachel Wood plays more heartwarming, emotional and diverse touching roles. And yes Evan Rachel Wood may have lost that battle but she will arise and win this war because Kristen Stewart is a closet whore. Not to mention she is a way better actor. So because this girl can play any role you through at her and not get recognition for it she is excuse for any comment America and only America may deem dumb. Personally if I say something looks gay it does not mean I am saying it as an insult. Especially if I am BI. People are too quick to get offended now a days.


Why is mileys hair still makin fukin headlines?? Thousands of people in mogadishu are easily forgotten why isn't her hair?? Fukn screwed world


It seems attempting to be avant-garde has taken a turn for the worst as Miley goes all Britney Spears on us and chops off all her locks. We get it Miley, you've outgrown Disney and are now a big girl with a big girl boyfriend and a big girl career, but why are you so eager to look like Justin Beiber? Is Miley trying to tell us something ? Is she seeking more attention as her acting and singing career dwindles? Or is she just being a crazy bitxh ? http://scallywagandvagabond.co...


No wonder Miley is developing a 'fuck-it!' attitude---she can't even change hairstyles or colors without it being a long drawn-out controversy...If Miley isn't upset about the joke---why is anyone else? Surely you can't be upset at Rachel for making a gay joke---she goes both ways and doesn't have a problem admitting it,sooooo---what's the deal??
People are a trip...They must sit around and try to find things to be mad about or hate-on...Multiple-sadness...Hollywood---Out.


Who is the dude in the background in Miley's picture? Creepy!


It was just a joke, jeez. Maybe the world should take a chill pill. My god, is there anything that people can joke about these days? Evan Rachel Wood is bisexual herself, so obviously she wasn't making fun of Miley Cyrus.

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