Liberty Ross Blog Entry Hints at Split from Rupert Sanders

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Forget the future of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart for a moment.

We may have a window into the other relationship affected by the latter's cheating lips: model Liberty Ross appears close to leaving director Rupert Sanders.

We base this evaluation solely on Ross' online blog for Vogue UK, the most recent edition of which features nothing but a photo of an eagle with its wings spread. It certainly seems like someone is ready to fly away, doesn't it?

Liberty Ross Photograph

Previous reports had claimed that Ross was willing to forgive her husband, but visitors to her blog are apparently proud of her for letting go.

"Soar high, darling," one comment reads, while another adds: "Free as a bird? Good luck to you Liberty."

What do YOU think Ross should do? Should she divorce Sanders?


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Pattinson knew before this went public,& waited till it broke to publicly humiliate his 22 yr. old girl after she had already been taken advantage of by a man twice her age~and been honest with him!!!
I wouldn't have HIM back for anything! Hot? Not any more! Just another pig who trashed his girls' esteem even worse than the pervert who kisses her and trashes HER life. Lost a lot of respect for Robert Pattinson, my former fav. young actor :(