Friends of Robert Pattinson on Kristen Stewart: Just Say No!

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Robert Pattinson has made a handful of public appearances this week, but he's mostly been mum on Kristen Stewart.

Last night, for instance, the actor spoke to MTV exclusively about his new movie, Cosmopolis.

But friends of Pattinson are reportedly doing all the talking necessary when it comes to his ex/estranged girlfriend, as Us Weekly claims pals are encouraging Robert to resist temptation.

Robert Pattinson with a Hat

Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge, among others close to the handsome star, have been "begging Rob to end it for good," a Pattinson insider tells the tabloid. "They think she will hurt Rob again."

Some, of course, believe that Stewart is getting an unfair rap in this mess. Yes, she was wrong. But might she also have just made a single mistake and truly be in love with Robert?

You tell us: Should Pattinson forgive Kristen and take her back?


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I want see both togather


Yes they should just get back together if they truely love each other


It is really quite sad to see Sienna Miller, Tom Sturridge, Bobby and Sam (who ever they are) trying to give Mr. Pattinson on what to do in his personal life. SIENNA, TOM, BOBBY AND SAM "HE WHO HAS NOT SINNED, CAST THE FIRST STONE". These words were spoken by the wisest man who ever walked on this earth. Now I do not know who you four are or who you think that you are however, it is time for the four of you to be silent. Mr. Pattison is a grown man and capable of making his own decisions about this situation. With so-called friends like you, he needs no enemies


To Robert, you should NOT listen to those people who suggested you to leave her. Listen to your own heart, ask yourself if there's still LOVE there, I believe you still love her, deep in your heart. Remember LOVE conquers all ! Do not let it go, UNTIL IT'S TOO LATE, then YOU'LL REGRET IT FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE ! Reach out to her, she's only human, human makes mistakes and we learn from our mistakes for the better. I believe in the THE TWO OF YOU. Life is too short until it's too late !
Best of luck for you and Kristen .


if he is still in love with her and want her back, there is nothing wrong with forgiving her, no one should tell anyone who to love or when to love. if he want's her back he should be allowed to do it, his friends and other people will get over it.


we loved so much this couple and we didnt think they can break up but i really demand so that u can be together again may God be in it


The way famous people treat each other these days is not real love. It's all about who can be the hero and who can be the scum bag. Or how can we make the front page headlines. Some famous people have it right but for the most part its silly. So what... Kristin cheated. Obviously doesn't make it right, but it happened and if she is truly sorry and Rob and her truly loved each other then forgive and move on. Rob needs to be the bigger person here Kristin has made it clear that she was wrong, and sorry. Love is all about forgiveness. I think people have forgotten what love really is these days.


i va suivre ses potes sa seras pas sa déscion i le regrettera surement mais bon


I think Rob should give her one more chance , she made a mistake, Kristren is young. So take it slow.


Seinna miller..really? she was screwing Jude law while he was still married. Plus there is plenty of rumors in their circle that she is not 100% positive who her childs father is. She wasnt only bangin robs friend last year.

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