Liberty Ross to Stay with Rupert Sanders?

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Liberty Ross was spotted this week without her wedding ring. She has also met with a divorce lawyer.

But sources nevertheless confirm to TMZ that the wife of dishonest director Rupert Sanders remains interested in reconciliation, much to the extreme pleasure of the man who sullied his marriage by at least making out with Kristen Stewart.

Sanders is desperate not to get divorced.

Liberty Ross Picture

Yes, Ross has hired an attorney, an insider states, but she and Rupert have also started marriage counseling. Liberty is reportedly hoping to learn just why her husband stepped out on her and to feel reassured that it won't happen again.

What do you think? Could you stay with someone after photos of him cheating hit the Internet?

Should Ross divorce Sanders?


THG u are the one who are encourage divorcee in america. Imagine ur stupid question that u possed at the end? What if the wife read this? Marriage is between two people, en u jounalist are sulking ur nose wher it does not belong. Anyway, who ever wrote ths story, are u married?

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