Kristen Stewart Featured in New Balenciaga Ad

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Kristen Stewart is yet to make an official public appearance since she admitted to cheating on Robert Pattinson.

But a new photo of the actress has emerged: it's an ad for Balenciaga's perfume Florabotanica, which the fashion house just released inside Spanish Elle. What do you think?

Kristen Stewart Balenciaga Poster

The actress was named the spokesperson for that brand in January and debuted her first poster on its half last month.

But we know: fans aren't exactly curious about that ad campaign. They want to know the future of Stewart and Pattinson and this is the only update we have in that regard:

The actor has allegedly said he's willing to walk alongside Kristen on the Breaking Dawn red carpet because he wants to save her as much embarrassment as possible. Seriously, the guy rules.


No yeah that's right he bloody well did know they were in a deep relationship


I agree with colorado sage. Rufus KNOW PERFECTLY WELL that she was in a deep and clearly loving relationship with her boyfriend. Kristen is a beautiful young girl. I think it is only was a minute transient and in time, it was discovered by the press and they did it become serious. Kristen should thank Rufus, because after this thing she recognize she love Robert very much. In love needs a little waves to enemy realize. Who are they love most? Robert shouldn't refuse her. Because He love her and she love him too


shes a doosh


Twihards think about rpatz and katy perry


He obviously still cares about her. It's an extremely generous gesture on his behalf.


Rpattz and Katie perry are most ugly.and ugly.


I like this. Goodluck. Ilu k


Lmao, save her from embarrassment of stepping out on him and humiliating him in front of the world? Okay then...


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