Robert Pattinson Volunteers to Walk Red Carpet with Kristen Stewart

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He's a good guy, that Robert Pattinson.

Faced with numerous opportunities to bash Kristen Stewart over the past couple weeks, the actor has refrained, most recently appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live and discussing everything in his life except the woman that broke his heart.

And now comes the following news:

Sultry Kristen Stewart
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Sources tell The Sun that Pattinson has volunteered to walk the red carpet alongside Stewart at November's Breaking Dawn premiere. For what reason?

"To save her from embarrassment and any female fans booing her," according to the insider. "He is being professional and taking the higher moral ground."

That's for sure. Stewart is reportedly breaking down herself over the couple's split, and we can understand why: Pattinson really does appear to be just that awesome.

The costars also expected to present together at the MTV Video Music Awards on September 6. Will that go down as scheduled? Stay tuned.

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All the best to you both. Love is worth keeping it anyway you can. We all make mistakes we don't have to let it ruin our lives. Time will handle the rest. Be kind to one another and try not to let others opinion make your decisions. You both deserve a chance to work this out. It would break my heart to see you two not be together.


**That's why Hollywood is a walking disease.


That why Hollywood is a walking disease.


Iam praying for both


She now the devil because she is a girl. but if a man does the same, the man will not be critisized like this. am not in supprot of what she did but lets also critisize men and women the same way.


Everyone makes mistakes and everyone deserves a second chance. And sometimes things like this can make a relationship stronger. The Mistakes make you appreciate the things you have and you know what it feels like to lose that person, so you'll step up your game and put everything into it. So it'll never happen again. If it happens again then you walk away and it wasn't meant to be. Good luck Rob and Kristen.


I do hope they get past this and can be together at least for the upcoming release of the last movie. After that they can re-evaluate their relationship and move on.




I wrote these two REAL LIFE PEOPLE is what kristian stewart is the best we as fans and can do is pray and support her as she grows not tear her down. She will grow from this the way we all do at that age.God bless and keep you Kristian.


Everyone makes mistakes in their 20 s it's part of growing up.Kristian just got a learning experience she will mature. May God bless her as she moves on in her future. All my love and prayers go out to her.

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