Kristen Stewart Apologizes for "Momentary Indiscretion" with Rupert Sanders

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WOW. Kristen Stewart has come out and owned up to a romantic interlude with director Rupert Sanders.

Within hours of an Us Weekly cover blasting this story to the world, and with photos of a kiss between Stewart and Sanders heating up the Internet, the actress has taken the very rare course of admitting to her actions and addressing the man most affected by them, boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

Kristen Stewart at Comic-Con
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"I'm deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I've caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected," the actress said in a just-released statement. "This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I'm so sorry."

This is a remarkable development all around, considering Stewart and Pattinson rarely acknowledge they are even dating.

But Stewart gave herself no choice here but to accept responsibility for her cheating ways. Could it actually affect the box office haul of Breaking Dawn Part 2? How will Twihards react to the many appearances Kristen is likely to make in promotion of that film?

Will Robsten stay together?

So many questions. Not many answers at the moment. Just a stunned, crushed fan base trying to determine its next step.

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Awful thing to do - but why is she being slammed more than Rupert? He is older, was in a position of influence and has scurried back to his wife and let the public stone her...what an awful man. I don't condone what she did but she is 22 and he is in his 40s! We all make mistakes.


THERE IS NO BODY TO BLAME. Oh! Blame it on your parents! That woman is bad news! Yikes.... Rob, run for the hills.


Rob, run for your life. This chick is trouble. Focus on your career, family and good friends. You are such a nice young man. Also very good looking and successful. This to shall pass. She wasn't sorry when she was in the arms of the 40+ married and father of two big time cheater just like her. Look at Reese, she got out when she was cheated on and she's now happily married with an awesome man. Don't even pick up her calls. She lost a great guy - that woman will beat Elizabeth Taylor (RFP) to the divorce line.


Once a cheater always a cheater. Rob dunp her a!!. Trash is trash.


This apology seems to be purely an effort to save Kristen's popularity with the public and not what would be best for the people it really hurt-Robert, Liberty and those little kids.


if its just momentary thing Kristen should be forgiven thats a lesson to her there are men who take an oppurtunity when a woman i in distress that Rupert is a j#cka@ss


I luv you Kris and I'm your biggest fan but why would you do that to Rob


Women should be honest about themselves (Rihanna) about wanting to enjoy the companionship of different people and taking some heat for it rather than lying to everyone like Kristen. That makes her worse and more dishonest. I dont believe for a second she was going to reveal her indiscretions if she didnt get caught


I think the director should have stopped it first -- he had children and a wife, after all, and probably knew about her and Pattinson -- but then there may be a point that Stewart would then choose another guy. Stewart should have also acknowledged and respected the director's marriage and his wife, too. Poor guys. I think Pattinson had less involvement with this.


hope this will resolve every bit of mess.....hoping also that an open minded should be the center of this...

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