Karl Lagerfeld on Pippa Middleton Face: Not a Fan!

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Never one to mince words, krusty Karl Lagerfeld is at it again.

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    36.1% of voters think she's pretty? Wow, that's pathetic. She's absolutely hideous and the only reason you nitwits like her is because England is a boring place and there's nothing else about it other than the fact there are a bunch of inbred people in bad hats playing "royalty" all day. Get a life, losers, this chick is UGLY. In regular society she's be a 5...at BEST and even WITH the pounds and gobs and goops of makeup...sad.


    everybody, shes not a royal, get it right and no she is not beautiful, just average


    I've never found Pippa Middleton attractive. Her face, while not ugly, is very average. She has a good body shape due to her love of athletics. You walk down the street of any big city, you will find tons of prettier girls. I think Kate is prettier than Pippa. I agree with people above that Pippa looks older than Kate.


    Yeah its true she not pretty people disagree they are plastic


    I don't think Pippa is pretty either. Strange coz Kate is GORGEOUS!


    OMG look at the photos side by side and realize that he's really making negative comments about the way she looks??? He should get shades that cover his entire face. What an ugly old troll he is.


    I saw Karl's rude comments about Pippa all over the internet today. Too bad for the old queen that she has to get attention by attacking a young girl like Pippa. Pippa is very pretty and wears beautiful clothes by other designers. Karl should do something about that brillo hair and those silly collars before dissing others.


    Pippa is pretty and cute hes a grumpy old man with nothing better to do one word for grumps sad


    Please. 99% of people will think Pippa has a WAY better looking face than Karl, so who the F is he to talk? She might not be a supermodel, but she IS a very cute girl. Totally agree with Lana. Karl is being a bitch b/c Pippa won't wear his crappy clothes.


    I wonder if Karl has looked into the mirror in the past 10 years. He looks like a reanimated corpse dressed in drag gone wrong. High collars to hide the turkey neck? I’m sure all the young boy assistants on his payroll tell him he looks great. Maybe Pippa Middleton does not wear his silly overpriced clothes and he’s getting all up and bitchy with her like any mean girl would.

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